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Will Sacha Baron Cohen Play a Villain in the Upcoming Alice in Wonderland Sequel?

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Disney’s live action Alice in Wonderland film, starring Mia Washikowska as the titular Alice and also starring Johnny Depp as the wacky Mad Hatter, was not exactly a popular critical success. Many critics disliked the slick look of the picture and the somewhat confusing way that Disney decided to adapt the book’s storyline as a “sequel” of sorts. Despite mixed critical reviews, however, the film has quickly become a fan favorite and based on the strength of the film’s box office and merchandise sales, Disney quickly lit the green light for a sequel.


The sequel, Through the Looking Glass, is currently set to come out in 2016. It is unknown exactly what Disney will be doing with the plotline of the film. The first film worked very loosely with the mythology and storyline of the Alice in Wonderland series, and it is likely that they will do just the same with this sequel. The first film turned the story into an action-adventure fantasy which borrowed elements from the original book; the first Disney animated film, as well as other books in the Alice in Wonderland series.

It was recently revealed that Sacha Baron Cohen has been tapped to play a villain in the upcoming sequel. The particular role is unknown, and there are a vast amount of villainous characters in the Alice mythology that may come into play. Sacha Baron Cohen is no stranger to villains, working with Johnny Depp or director Tim Burton.


He starred as the ridiculous but ultimately gritty and threatening Pirelli in the film version of Stephen Sondheim’s Sweeney Todd, which starred Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter, and was also directed by Tim Burton. Although the sequel will be directed by James Bobin, who recently directed The Muppets, Tim Burton’s direction-style will no doubt influence the second film.

Sacha Baron Cohen has proved himself more than capable of playing villains, ridiculous or otherwise, and Disney would be wise to tap into his popularity with male audiences, who may be less likely to watch a film about the adventures of an (adult or otherwise) Alice in Wonderland.

Cohen has yet to be cast in the film, but sources say that he is interested in taking on the role and his previous experience with Johnny Depp and director Tim Burton will likely sway the casting direction in his favor. Go to to find more entertainment news, muse and reviews.

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