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Which TV Should You Buy in 2017?


If you’re in the market for a new TV in 2017, there are a few important considerations to keep to mind. Price point is obviously a major factor, as it’s still hard to find a high-end 4K TV for less than $1000 and an OLED TV for less than $3000. And you’ll also have to take into consideration whether you want any smart TV functionality built-in so that you can start watching a streaming TV service like Netflix or Hulu right out of the box (literally). With that in mind, here are 6 of the best TVs to consider in 2017.

#1: LG B6 OLED 4K HDR Smart TV: The ultimate high-end selection for the TV purist

If you simply want the best TV on the market today, you really can’t go wrong with LG. The LG B6 has picked up rave reviews, and it’s obvious why: the brilliant colors seem to pop right off the 65-inch screen. In just minutes, you’ll see why OLED is considerably better than LED technology – every pixel seems to come alive. Moreover, the TV comes with webOS 3.0 smart functionality. However, at a suggested retail price of $3499.99, it’s not cheap. (Compared to the LG OLED E6P, which retails for $3997.00, though, it’s a relative bargain.)

#2: TCL Roku TV S3750/FP110 Series: The ultimate affordable selection for the TV viewer on a budget

Ok, so we’ve already seen what’s available at the high end, so it’s time to check out the real bargain in premium TVs, and this Roku TV fits the bill. It has built-in smart TV, which means that streaming is essentially included as a key part of the overall TV experience. If you’ve cut the cord with cable, then you understand why this is so important – you can use Roku for all of your streaming needs. The picture quality could be improved, but for non-4K televisions, the price ($279.99) is simply too low to pass up. You could upgrade to the TCL Roku TV US 5800 Series, which retails for $999.000. That’s still at the all-important $1000 price threshold, so it’s relatively affordable as well.

#3: Vizio M-Series 2016: Best overall mid-range value

The only real drawback of the Vizio M-Series TV is that you’re not getting a TV set from a name-brand manufacturer like Sony, Samsung or LG. But if you can get past that, then Vizio is a great option. The M-Series retails for around $1399.99, which is about what you should expect to pay for a really great picture from a 4K set. You could upgrade to the Vizio P-Series, which offers an even better picture and is just about as good as you’re going to get without getting into OLED territory (but it comes with a price tag of $1899.99).


#4: Sony XBR-X930D Series: Best LCD TV, period

The slim style and the magnificent picture quality of this Sony XBR-X930D makes it the single best LED LCD TV. If you’re not quite ready to splurge for an OLED set, this is a great second choice. At $2199.99, it’s not cheap – but it also represents a significant price savings from what you can expect to pay for an OLED TV.

#5: Vizio E-Series 2016: Best budget TV, period

Remember the good old days, when it was possible to get a TV for less than $500? Well, Vizio has you covered with the E-Series. It has received a number of accolades from top TV reviewers, who have called it the best budget TV for overall picture quality. It’s not quite as good as the Roku TVs, mostly because it has less features and functionality, but it’s an excellent choice for anyone considering a TV on a relatively constrained budget. That’s because you can pick up a Vizio E-Series for a suggested retail price of $479.99.

#6: LG 55EG9100: Best non-4K TV

LG has really become one of the elite TV manufacturers, and even though they’ve moved into 4K and OLED sets, they’ve also kept their non-4K sets innovative as well. This LG boasts a curved 55-inch screen, 1080p resolution and a truly extraordinary picture. .At $1395.00, it’s LG’s most affordable LED TV. If you’re looking for a slight upgrade, look no further than the LG 60 UH7700, a 60-inch 4K Ultra HD smart LED TV ($1497.00).



As you can see, there are a number of factors that you need to take into consideration when buying a new TV in 2017. The most basic consideration, of course, is whether you want an LED, OLED or 4K TV. There’s an obvious trade-off here. Getting a high-quality 4K TV for less than $1000 is going to pose a real challenge. And, if you want an OLED TV with all those brilliant, gorgeous colors, guess what? You better allocate a cool $3000 for the purchase.

Once you’ve honed in on an approximate price point, that’s when you can start to find the right size TV for the room (if you’re buying for a living room, you’ll probably gravitate to the big 55-inch TVs) and also decide whether you want (or need) any smart TV functionality.

The real decision in 2017, though, is whether you are going to become a streaming TV enthusiast or if you are going to remain a linear TV type of guy (or gal). The real allure of the cheaper Roku TVs is that you won’t have to worry about using an Apple TV or other set-top box to stream shows or movies. It’s all baked into the Roku TV, so the only costs you’ll have are the actual rental or purchase fees. Now that streaming TV services like Netflix are investing tens of millions of dollars in exclusive films and shows, having access to this type of streaming TV option is becoming more and more necessary.

That being said, you will definitely want to avoid all the hype about pixel size. Yes, 4K sets do offer a better picture quality than 1080p sets — but only if you watch them close-up. If you plan on watching TV shows from all the way across the room, you may be wondering why you splurged for 4K. And, no surprise, there’s not nearly as much 4K TV content out there to consume. It’s not like you’re going to be watching your favorite primetime TV shows in amazing 4K — they’re still only offered in HD.

The good news is that there are plenty of TV sets to fit every budget and every TV viewing habit – and many of them are surprisingly affordable. That’s especially true if you’re willing to check out the latest TVs from Vizio. But if you’re one of those TV enthusiasts who has to always have the latest and greatest, then by all means, check out the amazing LG OLED TVs available!

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