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What is TVSquared?

TVSquared is quite a hot topic among the marketing professionals across all business circles. It has gained immense popularity, especially in the recent months. But, if you have not heard about it, then don’t worry. It is a service that is generally used by businesses with sizeable pockets. The reason is that TVSquared is a powerful TV advertising attribution platform that helps advertisers calculate the ROI of various television campaigns designed by the marketers.

TVSquared is a powerful technological solution that considers a variety of factors, various media options, and other contact points between the businesses and their audience, to understand the impact caused by various marketing activities on a business’ audience. There are many services in the market that can provide reliable information on when to schedule your marketing campaigns on television, and also help you understand their impact on your audience. But, TVSquared goes a step ahead from the rest of them.

The company features two solutions for the businesses – ADvantage and Predict. Both of the solutions are interrelated, and provide the best results when used together. The ADvantage platform allows the businesses to track the performance of their television advertisement campaigns in real time. If you are wondering what is so special about them, think about it. It is not so easy to track the performance of television ads. Suppose, you watch a camera ad on television, and happen to visit the website. But, you do not purchase the camera right away. However, a week or so later, you click on a link on Facebook, and come to the same website again. But, this time you make the purchase. So, what would factor would you attribute for your purchase – the TV ad or Facebook link? The ADvantage platform recognizes the contribution made by both the platforms. In your case, it attributes the conversion success to both TV ad and Facebook. However, the contribution from both TV and Facebook are calculated depending on how much time you spent on the website, each time. If you spent more time the first time you visited the website, then ADvantage assigns the television a larger share of the success in your conversion, and vice versa.

This is what makes the service unique. It considers multiple factors that affect audience’s conversion into buying customers. Thus, it provides a far more accurate and insightful look into the behavior of the television audience.


Predict, on the other hand, is a powerful solution to “predict” the response to your TV ads even before you embarked on an ad campaign. This particular product makes use of the historical data from ADvantage, and employs machine learning techniques to predict the performance of ads that will be aired during a particular airtime. This has tremendous implications. Just imagine. Instead of just guessing when to schedule your ads, wouldn’t it be amazing if you could schedule your ads at the airtime when you are guaranteed to get desirable results? Predict makes that possible.

So far, TVSquared’s both products have been immensely popular, and rightly so. It is estimated that the two products result in a 25% decrease in cost to the advertisers on their ad campaigns, and a 30% increase in their conversions, which can be purchases, signups, or something else.

The impressive potential of the service has naturally attracted the advertisers from all across the world. The company already serves more than 300 clients from over 40 countries.

The applications of the two products are not limited to just minimizing costs. They provide a wealth of analytics information that is invaluable to businesses. TVSquared has successfully managed to bring the mainstream television advertisement to the internet age. With the power of ADvantage and Predict, markets can plan and schedule the TV ads just the way they do with digital ads. They allow the marketers to explain the performance and predicted performances of TV campaigns in terms of site visits, CPM, conversions, sales, CPC, and so on, thus enabling them to strategize a seamless media campaign encompassing both digital as well as TV ads.

It takes does a genius to see that TVSquared is all set to bring a paradigm shift in how TV ad buyers conduct their business. They will now be held accountable as per the same metrics that online ad buyers are. So, they will have to adapt, and rethink their TV ad buying strategies. The results they deliver will be watched closely, and continuously compared with those of the online ad buyers. After all, every business wishes to pursue media options that bring about the highest ROI, which can be achieved either by reducing costs, or by increasing revenues.


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