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What is Sky Q?


Sky Q is the next generation premium TV service from Sky. Sky Q is not a single device. It is a platform that makes use of a family of devices to deliver a truly luxurious, and seamless television entertainment experience at your home. Sky Q debuted this March, and has already been quite a success in the United States. So, what is Sky Q exactly, then? Here, we will answer all your questions about Sky Q.

Sky Q Silver

Sky Q is the flagship service from Sky, which will replace Sky + HD as the most premium service from Sky. This service makes use of a variety of devices, depending on the requirement and usage of the consumers. The showrunner is the Sky Q Silver, which is the set-top-box. It is the central nervous system of the Sky Q platform, and sits in the place of your existing Sky + HD box. The Sky Q Silver set-top-box is revolutionary in many aspects, but what makes it phenomenal is UHD support. Yes, this baby ships 4K ready.

Sky Q

Suppose you are on a tight budget, and could go without the UHD functionality, then you can drop Sky Q Silver from your living room set up, and instead, go for its toned down version that is simply known as Sky Q. This device has a smaller hard drive, and lacks some top-of-the-range functionalities of Sky Q Silver, such as UHD support. However, it is also budget-friendly.

Sky Q Mini and Sky Q Hub

With the latest Sky Q service, you can enjoy your television entertainment in different rooms seamlessly. You can use a Sky Q Mini box, which connects to the main set-top-box, Sky Q Silver, via the Sky Q Hub internet router. You can use multiple Sky Q Mini boxes for each television in different rooms in your home. Further, your entire family can enjoy television in their respective rooms without any hindrance, or hiccups. The entire system works like a charm as if each Sky Q Mini box is an independent set-top-box.


Sky Q Touch Remote

Although television technology has evolved over the decades immensely, the remote control has always been a bland device with buttons. Nothing has changed. That is until Sky Q decided that it’s time to change it. The all-new Sky Q Touch Remote, as the name indicates, features a touch functionality. So bye-bye button-pressing, and welcome smooth swiping. The best part about this remote is that unlike the older versions, it does not run on infrared. Instead, it features Bluetooth technology, which means that you can use the remote without worrying about the line of sight. This makes it possible for you to hide away the Sky Q box or the Sky Q Silver box.

Fluid Viewing

All Sky Q ads, for over a year, have been enthusiastically highlighting the Fluid Viewing aspect of the latest Sky Q offering. What Sky Q refers to as Fluid Viewing is the seamless experience that the new device family offers to the consumers. Thanks to the latest Sky Q devices, you can enjoy whatever you want, wherever you want, and whenever you want.

All your television entertainment at will be centralized via the main Sky Q box. Thus, you can watch a TV program on your living room television, your bedroom television, or even your tablets and phones. In fact, the experience is so smooth that you can watch half a show on a television in one room, pause it, go to another room, and continue where you left off on a completely different television, or a mobile device. The entire thing will be enabled via your home Wi-Fi network.

All of this is not limited to just on demand programs, but also the shows and movies that you recorded and stored on your main box. Yes, you can record the shows to enjoy them later on the go. That’s right. All the content that you downloaded to your main Sky Q box can be transferred to your phone or tablet using the Sky Q app wirelessly. You can enjoy this content later at your convenience.

The entire Sky Q system is robustly designed to meet the needs of a modern family. You can record up to 4 shows simultaneously, so that nobody has to miss a program because of overlapping TV schedules. In addition to this, the entire family can watch up to 5 different programs simultaneously, while downloading 4 shows in the background.

This way, you get a superfluid experience of enjoying your television entertainment, and that’s why the name Fluid Viewing.


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