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Virtual Reality is Succeeding Where 3D TV Failed

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Remember CES 2012? LG unveiled the massive 84-inch 3D TV, which was super-thin, super-expensive, and super-everything. At the time, everyone thought that this ultra-HD 3D TV was going to start a gadget war in the industry like nothing we had ever seen. Well, for some time, it did appear that the manufacturers are jumping onto this 3D bandwagon. Sure, even customers began to purchase 3D TVs. Come 2016, and we can safely say that 3D TV is pretty much dead. Buried, really! It wasn’t like manufacturers didn’t push it. They tried, but It simply didn’t fly. Now, a new technology, Virtual Reality, which a lot of people thought bit the dust way back in the late 90s with Virtual Boy, is rising from the ashes like a phoenix. This time, however, Virtual Reality hopes to succeed for exactly the same reasons that 3D TV failed. Here’s how.


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To their credit, TV manufacturers did manage to sell quite a number of 3D TVs when people still thought the technology was novel. However, to their dismay, the consumers did not get, and still do not have enough content to watch on their 3D TVs. It has been quite some time since 3D has gone mainstream and yet there is hardly enough content for consumers to enjoy over a weekend. The content that exists is minimal, and honestly, unappealing. But that’s not the case with VR. VR opens up a whole world of entertainment. Even before VR has gone mainstream, there are already games that are being designed specifically for this technology. The best part is that a lot of people are interested in developing content for VR. A Seinfeld fan has recreated the sets of the show for VR. Needless to say, when VR goes mainstream, the market will be crowded with people willing to create content, specifically for the technology. This is not even the adult entertainment potential of VR. Let’s just say that there have already been a lot of improvements in this area, and people are ‘very excited’ about this.

Ah! Those Silly Glasses

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People want new technology to be cool and fun to use. The 3D glasses are not at all comfortable to wear for extended periods of time. Making the matters worse is the fact that everyone who wants to enjoy a 3D program should have 3D glasses. Well, if you have friends over, you don’t expect them to bring 3D glasses with them whenever they come, or stock a dozen glasses yourself for them. Not to mention that 3D glasses are quite expensive. Now, VRs are a different ballgame altogether.

TV shows and movies are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to VR. The real deal is sports, games, and adult entertainment. Being able to enjoy sports “in the stadium,” or playing an FPS game in VR, will be such a draw that a lot of people will end up buying a VR device. Thus, even in group meets, VR actually has the potential to complement console gaming or take people into a live sports match, etc. It will make itself indispensable. The present generation of VR devices is quite comfortable to wear too.


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Let’s face it. 3D movies are sh*t. There are no two ways about it. Occasionally, there is an Avatar, but most of the 3D movies are downright pathetic. People expected 3D to enhance the experience. Instead, those awful 3D glasses darken the screen, and more often than not, you can see that the entire movie has been made with the idea that action scenes look great in 3D. The story, screenplay, and other things that actually matter to most moviegoers are largely missing. So, why did movie producers push for 3D so much? Competition. Movie studios realized that the TVs were getting bigger, and your couch at home wasn’t getting any less comfortable. Naturally, less and less people were hitting the theaters. So, they tried to offer something in the cinemas that TVs couldn’t offer. As it turned out, neither the theaters nor the TVs back home could deliver this feature promptly to the movie lovers. Enter VR!

Unlike 3D, which compromises the movie experience instead of enhancing it, VR makes your experience memorable every single time. Those who have already tried the technology have been very vocal about how awesome the VR experience is. You don’t even need action designed for VR to make its experience great. People will simply love to be inside a Victorian world and experience its glory all by themselves, even if the movie is a drama. The promise of great experience, in the case of VR, simply cannot be ignored.

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