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Do you want to open up a whole new world inside your television set? Now you can with the all new U-Verse App, compatible with AT&T subscribers. Make sure you contact your local retailer to ensure you get the best possible deal, and also to find out if the service is available in your area.


Smart phones have revolutionized the world, with apps that enable users to get the most out of their hand held technology, all of them pushing the limits of the form. Think these apps are only available on your phone? Not anymore. Now many apps are ready to use for your television set and can deliver awesome entertainment value for each dollar you spend.

Now with your smart phone, you can download the U-Verse App and start managing your TV features right in the palm of your hand, taking all your TV fun with you on the road. You can manage your DVR (which lets your record hundreds of hours of live TV), schedule recordings, and with a qualifying AT&T package that allows you to watch an enormous library of hit shows and blockbuster film, all when you browse the selection of titles. Learn more online. This is a free app available from Google Play or Apple ITunes. Find out more at

What you can do with this app is startling and not limited to the following. Not only can you watch whatever TV program available for view, this app is free to download and once a show is downloaded, feel free to watch it anytime, it’s locked into your phone! Watch whatever popular shows you want by browsing the available titles that you can either watch instantly, save for later, or manage within your personal library. The app lets you do it all with simple and easy understandable language and guides. Thanks to u-Verse DVR you can have quick access to hours and hours of content in a flash.

Another cool feature is the AT&T U-Verse Multiview. Check out My Multiview and get in touch with a hip new feature that allows you to choose which Multiview channel you want to watch. You can also pre-program this to set up for a specific viewing option, such as for Kids, News or even Sports. Have whichever pre-set option you want for quick viewing.

What is great is that you can have ESPN Gameplan, ESPN Full Court and these subscribers get a seasonal viewing choice as well, including The Masters, Cubs baseball, The World Cup Soccer playoffs and even the Winter and Summer Olympics! Be ready now for all the best programming now.

For all the HD subscribers, you can now enjoy HD Multiview for News, Kids, and Sports, which is a great upgrade for people already on the plan. Take advantage of this offer as soon as you can. See the offers available at

Another great feature for use on your smart phone is the AT&T Voicemail Viewer. This application is a great way to access your U-Verse voicemail in a way never seen before. This unique feature requires a compatible phone in use with an AT&T retailer so check with your local dealer.


You also can choose to have the AT&T Weather On Demand App. TV customers can now get weather updates anywhere and anytime, important for those last minutes jaunts into work during off hours or when you might need to go somewhere afterwards, but are not sure what the weather will be. Stay ready with this app and be more prepared when things happen.

Your phone and TV can now be more closely related thanks to U-Verse phone services for your TV. If your phone is in the other room, never fear, because now you can check who has been calling you, what time and how often, all at no extra charge.

What are you waiting for? Get started today!

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