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Top 6 Best TVs for Gaming in 2016

Video gaming best televisions of 2016

The next generation consoles, Xbox One and PS4, are impressive gadgets for playing games. They pushed the bar for what games could do, and how they look. Games are getting more and more realistic with each passing day. So much so that, an average TV doesn’t simply do justice to console gaming. The high definition, high frame rates, and real lifelike environment in games are all lost if there is not an equally capable TV to capture all of that. That’s why, here is a list of top TVs in 2016 that are best suited for gaming.


Vizio P Series 2016

Vizio P Series 2016

This is one of the most inexpensive 4K television you will find in the market right now. But, don’t let it fool you. The quality of the product is as extraordinary as it can be. The picture quality is great, although it isn’t OLED. That also means that it does not suffer from brightness issues that are typical of OLEDs. Thus, the TV really brightens up the entire living room in the dark. You will experience the magic of 4K in the most wallet-friendly way. However, you should know that neither Xbox One, nor PS4 are capable of rendering 4K video. Therefore, the television upscales the lower resolution picture quality to 4K, and this is one area in which the P Series suffers. Its upscaling is very low quality, and does not match that of its pricier competitors. That being said, it has a refresh rate of 120Hz, and a very low input lag of 17.7ms. Needless to say, despite all the shortcomings, it is a magnificent choice for gaming. You even get to enjoy high quality 4K content, when it becomes mainstream.


Samsung JU7500

Samsung JU7500

If you don’t mind shelving out slightly more money, then Samsung JU7500 is a great option as a gaming television. It features 4K UHD capability, which is great for TV viewing as well. But, the good thing about this television is that it upscales the video output from your console just perfectly, without any compromise in quality. In fact, you will hardly notice that the video is upscaled. Another factor that makes this well suited for gaming is its motion handling capabilities. Whether you are playing an RPG game, a sports based game, or something else, you will not notice any blur or input lag. At 21.1ms input lag, it is surely among the TVs with the lowest lag. The only problem is that the picture quality is compromised at viewing angles other than directly ahead of it.


Vizio D Series 4k 2016

VIZIO 4K LED TV Ultimate Gaming & Budget TV

The Vizio D Series 4k 2016 is one of those TVs that won’t win you with its looks. If sleek, sexy, and attractive TV is what you want, then you might want to skip this TV completely. On the other hand, if you want raw performance at mind-blowing price, then Vizio D Series 4k 2016 is here to rock your world. The television is fully equipped with 4K technology, and is boasts of a rock bottom price tag. At that price, it does come with its bunch of issues. For instance, the picture quality is good only from direct front angles; the TV does not play cable TV and DVDs very well, and there is loss of quality with them. However, when it comes to gaming, it transforms into a beast. It has a truly remarkable input lag of only 13.5ms, something that most TV manufacturers drool over. The upscaling to 4K is smooth, and satisfying.


Sony KDL-50W829

Destiny PS4 - Sony BRAVIA KDL50W829

If you think you would rather not invest in a 4K TV yet, then Sony KDL-50W829 will give you everything you ever wanted out of your television. With an input lag of just 19ms in game mode, this TV is ready to take your gaming experience to the next level. Its response rate is not anything to brag about, but is decent for its price. Then, there is the color rendition capability of this set, which is simply superb. The motion reproduction is quite good, and there is no compromise to your gaming experience.


LG 55EC930V

LG 55EC930V

This television allows you to class it up a notch or two. Firstly, the LG 55EC930V is a curved screen TV. Let that sink in. Now, coming to the second bit. It is an OLED TV, which is far superior to both LED and LCD TVs. You will have crystal clear, vivid pictures playing on the screen every time you switch it on. The color rendition, the contrast ratio, and refresh rate are all good enough to deliver a great gaming experience for you. The response time is 33ms which is not great, but not bad either. Then there is the resolution. LG 55EC930V is a 1080p screen, and at 55-inch size, you might notice some pixilation when you sit too close. But, the picture quality will make the game highly immersive. If that is not enough, then the curved design will make you feel that you are in the game.


Sony X810C

Sony XBR55X810C 55' 4k Ultra HD LED TV Review

What most people don’t realize is that when you are playing games, the audio experience is as important as the video quality. But, not many TVs are capable of producing excellent quality audio, even if they are capable of producing great pictures. Sony X810C delivers impeccably on all fronts. Firstly, the 4K television produces impressive picture quality that is not surprising for 4K TVs. It also upscales the video output from consoles fairly decently. The only downside to this is that the colors are degraded when the TV is viewed from side angles. That being said, an input lag of 35.7ms and response rate of 12.1 pretty cool too. The TV handles motion very well with no noticeable lags or blur.

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