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Tools of Intimidation – The Remote & DVR

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Satellite TV Receivers – Technology at its Best

Technology is a part of life and a common part of our human conditioning. Many among us suffer from technophobia to a certain degree but one should never be intimated by progress or methods to make life more enjoyable and tasks easier. Think for a few minutes about all of the technologies you are now comfortable with as opposed to life before these innovations. Examples are the television you watch, the radio you listen to, the computer you depend upon, the phone and cell phone that keep you in contact with others, and the list goes on and on. All use a form technology. So why should satellite television services be any different? It isn’t. Excellence in home television services is provided with a few pieces of specialized equipment added to the home entertainment system. Learning how to operate the system and the tools it provides may be challenging at first but never impossible.

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The technology tool least understood with satellite television is the Dish Interactive Electronic Program Guide (EPG). This is the vital component of computer software that aids you in complete enjoyment and knowledge of your television watching experiences. Its simple design makes it user friendly and makes selecting programming convenient and easier than flipping through a printed TV guide. Most remotes have a button marked ‘Guide’ and when pressed, the EPG appears on the screen in the form of an interactive listing of available programming – listed by time and program title. Scroll through the available listings – reading about each program or movie. When you find a suitable show, highlight the channel and press the ‘Select’ button. You will be routed directly to the channel and show. Most satellite receiver remotes list programming for up to ten days in advance.

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Another little understood but major piece of equipment is the remote control. It may be frequently misplaced but will certainly be the most treasured item in the home. It is a dispute settler as well – whoever controls the remote determines what will be watched. The remote provides access to all the software in the same manner as described above and can be programmed to control all equipment in the home entertainment system – the television, the VCR/DVD player, and the Digital Video Recorder.

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Another tool is the Digital Video Recorder. It is built into many receivers and is used instead of the VCR to record programming. The DVR is much simpler to use than the VCR and eliminates the need purchasing and storing those worrisome VCR boxes. All programming is recorded and stored on the internal hard disk, and one can record from 30 up to 200 hours of favorite shows, sports shows, music, or whatever you desire. The DVR is easy to use with the EPG and prompts may be preset for recording in your absence for retrieval and enjoyment at later times.

Never let technology intimidate – just use it for benefit, enjoyment, and convenience.

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