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With a very rich background in offering quality products and services, Time Warner Cable now uses the most advanced technologies to bring the Time Warner clients more products than ever before. Offering countless hours of entertainment, online surfing and even phone capabilities, Time Warner takes the next step towards its existing clients and new ones as well: creating a very detailed homepage, giving clients the freedom to browse trough their products and services, answering their questions, keeping in touch with them while easily allowing them to manage their services and even giving them the possibility to pay their bills in an “green” manner (paperless billing).

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Live Chats, Live Sales, Customer Support Email and Customer Care Centers are just a few of the options they provide to the clients, helping them to make informed decisions and providing the help they need. Existing users and new ones can find all the information they need about cable TV packages, HDTV (High Definition Television), Time Warner Cable’s Parental Controls option, DVR (Digital Video Recorder), Start Over feature (an option that gives the user the possibility to restart a show that’s already running), Movies On Demand and many other services. Also, information about Time Warner Cable Hi-Speed Road Runner service and digital phone service are available on their page, thus giving people all the information they need to know about their services, allowing them to compare services to other providers and make the right decisions. In this way, people are given the opportunity to be very well informed and to ask questions about the products they’re interested in, before they actually commit to something. They can find out which programs are available and which aren’t, what’s new in the programming packages and what has been modified, noticing them of changes, new products or product upgrades.

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Acting as a free resource at the finger tips of anyone interested, the page also provides information regarding Time Warner Cable Security, pointing out and explaining the features and protection it provides for home or business monitoring.

Keeping a close connection with its clients and offering them important information and consultation through their website, along with giving them the option to pay their bills, upgrade their products and services, add or remove programs from their monthly plan, makes the Time Warner Cable website a very useful tool for the clients, both new and old. Using their homepage, Time Warner Cable approached the clients and potential customers in a way that’s very convenient to them, giving them all the information the need, and all the options possible to make things as smooth as possible for them, and most importantly, giving them all these without requiring them to make a trip at their office just to find news, pay a bill or get support with their problems. With their live support available 24/7, clients can have their problems found and solved within minutes, no matter if it’s 6 in the morning or midnight. Due to all the facilities it offers, the Time Warner Cable’s website proved out to be a must-have to everyone interested in their products and services.

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