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Time Warner Cable High-Speed Online Internet

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Current Time Warner Cable Specials has a new partner in bringing their customers High-speed Online Internet Services. Time Warner cable is collaborating with CLEAR to bring more options to their customers for mobile services. Time Warner cable is a cable TV provider that currently offers channel programming, the popular Road Runner High-speed Online Internet Service and digital phone services. They have been in business for almost 60 years, providing their customers with reasonable rates, professional customer service and quality products and services. Now they are taking their services to the next level. CLEAR is a new broadband Internet provider that offers home services and services for mobile devices. These mobile devices can be laptops, Blackberries, iPhones or other hand-held portables that are Internet ready. CLEAR is offering this mobile service through their own network, WiMAX. They currently have over 600,000 customers in over 60 large cities across the United States. Their services are considered to be reliable and affordable.

Time Warner Cable heads to have this service fully upgraded by the end of 2010. This service will offer Time Warner Cable customers portability and affordability with their mobile Internet Services, allowing them to take their devices to the store, park, library or anywhere else they may be wanted, all for a low monthly price. This service is so portable, it is even reliable in a moving car, as long as the car is within the coverage area. Time Warner Cable customers will be able to enjoy the benefits of high-speed online internet services that are truly mobile anywhere in the coverage area. The service will be called Road Runner Mobile and can help families on tight budgets by offering cheaper internet rates than the cell phone companies can provide.

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Time Warner Cable currently provide service for over 18,000,000 customers, to the giving them a reliable cable TV programming, home internet Service through the Roadrunner High-speed Internet Online Service and digital phone services. They even provide some international programming. Their prices are already helping their customers save money by providing quality services in the home. Their digital home phone service provides unlimited local and long distance calling in the United States, giving their digital phone customers a way to talk to friends and loved ones without counting minutes, waiting until nights or weekends or paying the expensive monthly overages that can come with going over the minutes in their monthly plan.

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Other money-saving services provided by Time Warner Cable include their bundled monthly packages that provide the customer with cable TV programming, the Road Runner High-Speed Internet Online service and the digital phone service, all on one monthly bill. Their bundles are provided for the same low monthly rate each month, providing convenience, as well.

With the partnership between Time Warner Cable and CLEAR, Time Warner Cable can offer mobile high-speed online Internet Services they can help their customers with additional savings that they can use somewhere else. Time Warner Cable is working hard to provide their customers with quality products and services, with family-friendly prices that will benefit the family and the monthly budget.

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