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This week on Real Housewives of Atlanta

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The Real Housewives are just as catty and full of drama, fun and divalisciousness as ever. Don’t miss a catty episode with this Digital Cable Television Offer!

In the world of the Atlanta elite turmoil ensues after Cynthia made a comment about Kim being a racist during a trip with the girls to South Africa. Somehow, mysteriously, the comment made its way back to Kim leaving her offended and hurt. The two got together over lunch and discussed their not so friendly or personal past as well as opposing friend groups and where they stood in each other’s eyes.

The lunch turned out to be rather calm and both Kim and Cynthia walked away unscathed and on cordial terms.

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On a happier note, while Kim is away Kroy is at play. Kroy meets with Kim’s father and asks for his blessing to marry his daughter. Kim’s parents agree wholeheartedly and Kroy makes the arrangements for the engagement.

Meanwhile the scene switches to Kandi and it seems as though her dreams of making an adult toy line are becoming a reality. Kandi video chats with a friend Mathieu in Amsterdam who has been designing and engineering her products so that she will be ready for business in no time.

Phaedra is also busy with her dreams of becoming a prominent member of the funeral business. She meets with members of a grieving family and helps them plan their father’s funeral. However, after noticing some suspicious information on their part she is informed that the entire incident is a hoax and a test on Phaedra’s people skills. She passes with flying colors and is on to the next step in achieving her dream of becoming the queen bee of funeral festivities in Atlanta.

Nene is not to be forgotten. She and her assistant leave Atlanta for LA in order for Nene to meet with a number of producers and powerhouse players for primetime shows like Glee. While the meetings are never shown it is implied that they went rather successfully and that Nene is in high demand.

After the said meetings Nene goes out to celebrate with her assistant and contemplates whether or not she should take the next step in her career and move to LA. She runs her concerns passed a number of celebrity friends that stop by and is left in further contemplation.

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The show concludes with all of the women coming together for a bourgeois honorary ceremony that Phaedra invites them to. Despite the close proximity of Kim and Nene no one manages to cause a scene however they are all overcome by extreme boredom due to the longevity of the program. Kim eventually can’t take it anymore and calls Sheree outside to tell her the exciting news about her engagement.

Sheree seems overjoyed for Kim’s news, as well as with the 10 karat ring, and she agrees to be a bridesmaid in the wedding. The two go back inside and everyone survives the event unscathed and ready to fight another day.

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