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Dish Network was the first satellite TV provider in the United States. They started with one satellite and a few customers, growing to over 100 satellites and over 14 million customers, nationwide. Their clients enjoy innovative, award-winning technology for products and services. These innovations have made Dish Network the forerunner in Pay TV services, offer creative programming packages and quality services the entire family can enjoy.

Due to these award-winning products and services, Dish Network has helped set industry standard. Since 1991, Dish Network has been providing their customers with time and money saving options that have made it affordable to entertain the entire family.

Dish Network was the first in the industry to offer their customers the MPEG-4, a video converter that broadcasts programming in the Advanced Video Coding Standard. Dish Network also made the first DVR, or digital video recorder. The DVR all but replaced the VCR, giving viewers more convenient options for movie and programming storage, as well as useful alternatives to recording favorite shows and programs. Dish Network was also the first company to make the MPEG-4 with a DVR and a multi-room receiver. This gave added convenience to viewers by allowing them to use one receiver for two televisions. Dish Network was also the first in the industry to provide digital-to-analog converter boxes when it came time to make the switch. Dish Network also offered the first DVR digital-to-analog box, bringing their customers a way to make the switch with convenience and affordability.

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Dish Network was also the first Pay TV provider to offer high resolution that rivaled the quality given in movies shown in the theater. Their HD 1080p formatting has up to 6X the resolution as standard formatting, and has an even higher resolution than traditional HDTV. The HD 1080p programming is very similar to Blu Ray technology for the sound and image quality it produces.

Dish Network was also the first company to bring international programming to their customers with over 170 channels in at least 28 languages. Dish Network offers programming from countries like Russia, Africa, Greece, South Asia, Israel, Italy, China, Japan, France, Vietnam, Germany, the Philippines, Poland and Portugal. Foreign residents can watch sports, music, news and more in their native languages, from the comfort of their homes in the United States.

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Dish Network is also the first provider to offer Interactive Television. This feature comes with convenient bill pay options that can be used without leaving the comfort of the couch. Subscribers can look up their current bill and Dish Network policies or shop and play games. Some of these games are automatically refreshed once a week, giving subscribers new material in their favorite games on a regular basis. This is a service everyone can enjoy, delivered first by Dish Network.

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Dish Network has helped families obtain quality programming at affordable rates since they first went into business in 1991. They have proven themselves as a leader in the Pay TV industry, offering innovative technology and industry firsts that keep their customers satisfied.

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