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The Era of Desperate Housewives Nearing the End

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Only four more episodes and the drama on Wisteria Lane will unfold for the final time, much to the dismay of eight seasons of Desperate Housewives followers of the ladies that make you laugh with them, cry with them, and love them as they get their lives all tangled up in love, mystery, drama, deceit, and even murder. They fallout with each other, but when an outside source threatens even one of them, they stick together like glue as they fight for each other. Moments of shock and laughter bring sheer pleasure as the life-like series adorns homes all over the nation on Sunday night ABC TV.

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Last episode, always emotional Susan had to deal with putting away her latest love and father of her youngest child, Mike. Viewers expected the episodes leading up to the finale to be dramatic, but killing off Mike Delfino? Was that really necessary? Rumor has it that Mike may make some sort of comeback before the end of the 8 season show’s end. Stranger things have happened as the show unfolds each moment of humor, drama, or mystery drawing a loyal group of viewers to feel the pain of every dramatic episode and revel in the joy that overrides it as if you were one of them yourself.

Spokesperson for the show, Bob Daily, noted that keeping Mike’s demise a secret was the best thing they ever did. Mike was the obvious hit for drama near the end, since he was so well liked. His death had the biggest impact for viewers and in the plot for the ladies of the Lane. It’s easy to kill off someone that people don’t care for, but when you hit a major cast member that people love, the impact is huge. Mike’s death seems premature, but was a good write in to allow Susan time to grieve or her friends time to react.

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Maybe it will also allow Teri (Susan) to open up and spring out of her pity stage before the end. After the drama, Susan always finds a way to return to her lighter and more hilarious side. Is there enough time in 4 episodes for that this time or will the series concentrate on her daughter’s pregnancy and keep Susan on the serious side? Will Mike return or not and if so, how will they write that in? With Desperate Housewives, who knows? It’s always been a guessing game and the writers of DH were the only ones that knew, the viewers always surprised and amazed at the unfolding events week after week.

The follow up episodes to Mike’s death and service moved the whole neighborhood towards looking at their own lives and making adjustments where important. While Gabby and Carlos seemed to be drifting apart, Mike’s death is beginning to yield a kinder more giving couple and boy, wouldn’t that be a switch for Gabby? As for Lynette and Tom, Lynette has made her mark and hit Tom right in the heart, not only using Mike’s death to reassess their relationship, but also to capitalize on the spark that might just still be there. The Sunday night episode may reveal even more life changes brought about by Mike’s death.

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