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Sweet Dish Deals!

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Dish Network offers quality family programming at very affordable prices. These low monthly packages can help you save money that your family can use somewhere else, while still providing you with great programming and home entertainment.

Dish Network offers many features that can add hours of entertainment to any programming package, the digital and HD channels, or their specially designed HD 1080p High-Definition programming. This programming provides viewers with the feeling of being in the movie theater due to the sight and sound enhancements it delivers. It has been compared to Blu Ray technology, offering a cinema-like experience, without the cinema prices. Dish Network also provides incredible selections for viewing with their On Demand and Pay Per View selections. On Demand is a digital library, with over 10,000 viewing choices that include additional options for children and adults with network programming, music videos and newly released movies. Pay Per View offers incredible real-time live events for boxing, wrestling, comedy and music concerts. These programs can be enjoyed be the entire family at an incredible discount over the cost of admission at the event, in person.


Dish Network provides award-winning DVRs. These digital video recorders give families the tool they need to record and store up to 90 hours of programming. This programming can be kept on the DVR for as long as desired, with the option of recording digital and HD programming. The DVR can record on multiple channels at one time or record the same channel the family is watching. Dish Network customers are also able to set their DVRs with remote access online, making sure they never have to miss a thing.

With Dish Network, the entire family is safe. Dish Network provides Parental Controls that are usable for the programming on the regular channel package and on the DVR. These Parental Controls can be adjusted so that parents can set safe programming for the different age groups in their homes, giving parents peace of mind and older siblings more freedom.

Dish Network has several different programming packages that help meet the entertainment and budget needs of the family. With Dish Network, customers can choose the programming package that has their favorite channels for the right price.

Subscribers can choose the America’s Top 120 programming package, offering over 120 channels. This programming package is fun and entertaining, with more for the price than what the cable TV providers can offer.

The most popular Dish Network programming package is the America’s Top 200 package, with all of the channels from the America’s Top 120 package, and an additional 100 channels for added variety. This package is popular due to the monthly price and number of channels a family gains access to.

The Dish Network America’s Top 250 package is the next step up for channel selection, with over 250 channels to surf. These channels are a combination of the channels from the America’s Top 120 and America’s Top 200 packages, with an added 60 to provide even more family entertainment.


Families can get it all with the Dish Network’s America’s Everything Pak. This package offers up to 300 channels to choose from, with the channels from the America’s Top 120, 200 and 250 packages and premium bonus channels like HBO, Cinemax, Showtime and STARZ. This package gives families everything they need for quality home entertainment, all at the press of a button. Families that get this package save time and money at the movie store, with great movies and fantastic savings.

Dish Network has something to offer everyone, with English and International programming, that can fit into almost any budget.

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