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Some Things are Just Bigger in Texas— Look at Godzillatron!

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By any standard, the University of Texas at Austin is a large university. The enrollment hovers around the 50,000 mark and it has over ten thousand more students than the large and impressive Pennsylvania State University. The area around Austin has been given the name Silicon Hills, in reference to the high-tech companies blossoming in the area, and in many real ways, it is a Silicon Valley of the Southwest. Dell computer and the computer chip maker AMD are located in or near Austin, and there are many less well known high-tech offshoots there. Now the area is boasting a truly Texas sized new High-Definition Video display in the sports stadium on the University campus.

godzillatron texas longhorn

In sports arenas from Atlanta, Georgia to Miami, Florida to Japan, these new giant hi-def screens are sprouting like magical mushrooms with their remarkable Technicolor displays. The new screen in Austin has set a new record in sheer size, and is certainly an environmentalist’s nightmare since it has over forty air conditioners, each weighing five tons! That is an extraordinary cooling capacity, but given the central Texas summer heat, no one is too surprised by this. Students and fans of UT affectionately call it Godzillatron!

It measures almost 135 wide and around 55 feet high. Some of the Texas Football Players have remarked that it is so bright during the evening practices they hardly need the other stadium lights. The giant screen is part of a huge 150 million dollar renovation, so the eight million paid to the Daktronics Company of South Dakota who custom builds these things all across the world is only a small percentage of the total makeover. The incredible 2064 by 848 pixel resolution confirms it as the screen with the best resolution ever constructed by Daktronics. Some of the on-site workers and engineers admitted they didn’t really know how big this project would look to them as they were building it. It even boggled their imaginations and no word yet if any gamers at UT have succeeded in playing Doom or some other video game on this big screen. Finally, another reason to get out of the air conditioning and go see a live football game—they have a really Texas sized digital display once you get there!

panoramic view godzillatron

What a way to feed one’s television addiction! There are no hard numbers on how much electricity this monster pulls, but there were some industrial sized upgrades to the electrical capacity surrounding the stadium. I guess if you are the National Champion in NCAA College Football, there are rewards for beating Southern Cal. The square footage of this video display is over 7300 square feet, giving it over twice the size of a floor plan of a modern, family style home!

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