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Pretty Little Liars

5 years forward

The series “Pretty Little Liars” recently had its third season premier. The premier helped to update viewers on what has happened in the last between the seasons. It also unveiled some a news that viewers had not been privy to before now.

Hanna showed up to see Mona at the mental health facility Mona is in. Mona isn’t exactly on the top of everyone’s social calender, after being revealed as “A”. Hanna lied about going to see Mona, saying that she had seen Dr. Sullivan for therapy. Hanna has made a habit of seeing Mona, and tells “A” that she is lying to everyone she cares about to do it. However, her visits seem to be paying off, since Dr. Wren says that her visits are helping with Mona’s progress. There was an eery part to the show when Mona can see Alison sitting in a chair behind Hanna. Alison is wearing the red coat.


Another very creepy part occurred when it was discovered that there is another “A”, and this one is watching the girls. “A” made it known that Mona played with dolls, but he/she plays with body parts.

Emily was finally able to remember that moment from the night she was found standing over Alison’s empty grave site. Emily says she remembers that she was locked in the trunk of a car, but she only remembered that at the end of the episode, after seeing a parked car on the street. It’s something to go on- for now.

Aria has a panicked moment when she thinks she sees “A”. She was locked in a bathroom stall, and thought she saw her, but Mona is still in the mental health facility. Now, she is wondering if she is starting to see things.

Garrett is still locked up, but he got to talk to Spencer when she visited, and he let her in on a secret. Garrett knows the suspect in the crime. He didn’t tell her who that might be, so viewers were left hanging on that mystery, as well.

Lucas, also, is acting like he has something to hide. At the masquerade ball, he can be seen hanging out with the Black Swan. Aria, Hanna, Spencer and Emily are starting to see changes in his attitude, but the question of why has yet to be answered.

Hanna’s mom, Ashley, has decided that she is in need of a date. After overcoming the financial problems and the short fling with a Rosewood police officer, she is ready to date. Ashley, in a weird twist, received some advice from her daughter, Hanna, who tells her mom that she is open to date, but on open for business.


It is also discovered that Aria’s parents are having problems in their marriage. This may cause problems for Aria and Ezra as they try to date. However, on the whole, the girls are enjoying their love lives.

“Pretty Little Liars” airs on ABC, on Tuesday nights, at 8:00 pm, central standard time.

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