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Many trends in current television technology are changing quite quickly with the development of many new forms of technology when it comes to building, better quality, higher resolution TV’s with more interactive controls and connectivity features. The following article will explain some of the new current advancements in television technology which could dictate consumer trends for purchasing televisions and change the look and function of the television as we know it.

OLED Televisions
Smart TV’s
Glasses Free 3D TV
OLED televisions:


OLED or organic light emitting diodes have a much better color and light contrast than many LED televisions. OLED’s are also more efficient because of the nature of the technology and ability to turn off an individual pixel worth of light in order to render a much darker black on screen. Although many OLED’s remain quite expensive they are more responsive and can save a customer money on electricity. Running a large OLED television is much more efficient than an LCD or conventional television. OLED’s are also some of the thinnest televisions on the market today meaning they are great for wall mounts and minimalistic designs.

Smart TV’s:


One of the newest trends is to retrofit a television with a wifi connection and a direct user interface, allowing the owner of a television to access files across their network, check their email and access some web applications once the connection is set up. A smart TV hub also allows the television to be connected to a wireless device meaning users can utilize their smart phone as a remote or have the television directly connect to all the devices in their home to access media from the TV at any time.
Higher Resolutions: With the industry standard for high resolution being a 1080p resolution there are a number of manufacturers who have been able to take a TV resolution to an astounding 4k and 8k resolution setting. Current cable providers do not broadcast media in this high a format, nor do many if any high definition players such as bl- ray disk players, have media which is compatible at this format. Technology across the board will have to update before the 4k and 8k televisions reach a worldwide market, as most current camera technology and rendering will not produce a film in such a high quality, so the picture will always appear stretched and inconsistent across such a high resolution screen.

Glasses Free 3d TV:


There have been a number of contenders for a glasses free 3d television. Although 3d TV is a fairly new concept, the ability to get 3d TV without having to wear the special 3d glasses is a fairly monumental achievement. 3d technology will take a while to perfect and is slowly catching on. Current market trends would suggest that people are not willing to pay much more for a television that has 3d support.

As you can see there are a number of big changes coming with regards to television design and new television technology. With TV’s constantly updating and getting new features, it is only a matter of time before we truly can feel as if we are living inside a story, by experiencing the most crisp and real television experience as possible with current technological advancements.

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