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New TV Technology on the Rise

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The television has come a long way since its invention in 1926 (bet you didn’t know that huh?). Though TV didn’t really make noise until 1949-1959 where the number of TV sets went from 1 million to 50 million! That was a long time ago, and yet up to this day, television is still one of, if not the best mode of entertainment. There’s no question that TV has evolved through the years. Thanks to the amazing technological advancements, we are now at the mercy of New TV Technology.

New TV technology isn’t simply improved colors, bigger and thinner screens and all that hoopla. It’s so much more than just that. TV has grown into something unimaginable! If I told you 25 years ago that you would be wearing glasses to watch a 3D show on television, you wouldn’t have believed me. Today, that is obviously possible. In fact, new TV technology has become very advanced that there’s a new invention that allows you to watch 3D without the 3D glasses! Cool isn’t it?


Watching 3D TV without the glasses is just one of the great advancements of new TV technology. If you think about it, 3D TV alone is already a very amazing feat. As of today, 3D TV isn’t as highly celebrated as it is in the movies. It is something that’s considered to be better off on the big screen. Another trend that’s booming is the Smart TVs. Who wouldn’t want to have a TV that functions just like your own PC or an android phone wrapped up in that amazing box of yours?

A Smart TV has access to the other great invention; the internet. With a Smart TV you can have access to Wi-Fi. You are allowed to browse through your e-mail, enjoy some web applications and of course, the best part of it all… You can use your smart phone to control your TV! Forget about the old fashioned remote; you can text and change the channel all at the same time! New TV technology has really been impressive. The scary part (actually, it’s a good thing) is that things will just keep getting better and better every year.

The only thing constant in this world is change. Technology will keep changing, year after year. This only means good news for our beloved television sets! The possibilities are endless when it comes to new TV technology. We will always be at the point where we are wondering about what’s going to be next. Who knows? Maybe 5 years from now, there will be a TV that can project holograms right before your very eyes. Or how about 4D TV, without the need to wear glasses as well?


It’s very exciting to think about all the possibilities of new TV technology. It is something that we are going to keep watch on (no pun intended). There will always be constant changes when it comes to TV technology. Colors, resolution, screen size, etc… All of these are components of television that will continue to grow and improve every year. New TV technology is on the rise and you shouldn’t get left behind.

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