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Netflix vs. VIDGO: Who Will Prevail?

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Netflix launched in 1997 with its DVD-by-mail service, and expanded to online streaming in 2007. The company has revolutionized the way people (particularly millennials) consume media and entertainment. At the click of a button or mouse, an entire catalog is at a user’s fingertips. However, Netflix has presented a problem — no one is watching live television anymore. What’s the solution, a happy medium?

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VIDGO will launch sometime within the back half of 2016, and we are incredibly excited. VIDGO will offer everything your typical streaming service does, but it will also include streaming of live television networks. Yep, users will be able to browse on-demand, and if choosing gets too tough for them (as many Netflix users experience daily), they can simply switch on their favorite cable channel or watch a sporting event live. VIDGO aims to revolutionize streaming, and streaming live TV hasn’t been achieved before by services like Netflix. Sling TV and PlayStation Vue began to set the bar for streaming television, but VIDGO will add more than just local channels – cable channels too!

VIDGO vs. Netflix User Control

One of VIDGO’s huge selling points is the ability to build packages based on user’s wants and needs. VIDGO can essentially be described as an a la carte service – users don’t have to pay for hundreds of channels they won’t watch just for that one premium channel they can’t live without. Users can pick and choose the cable/local channels they wish to have access to. A larger selection of channels will make the price go up, obviously, but VIDGO’s service will still be cheaper than the cable competitors. Users scrolling through channels they have no interest in will be a thing of the past. In addition, they’ll still have access to the vast on-demand library of entertainment, similar to the Netflix platform.

Netflix offers three different packages, but no options to control what is included in these packages. Granted, Netflix doesn’t really need to include control over its packages, since everything is pretty cut and dry: “here are the movies and shows we can offer, do what you will with them.

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VIGDO vs. Netflix Accessibility

VIDGO will allow users to stream on computers, phones, tablets, and game consoles. As of now, a television app has not been created for VIDGO, but the service hasn’t even been released yet. When the service takes off, only time will tell when a Smart TV or Roku app will be released for VIDGO. Additionally, since VIDGO’s live TV service will be streamed, rather than through a cord, there’s no more need to wait for a cable guy who’s three hours late.

Netflix does offer apps for television, in addition to the other device streaming options. However, it seems most people using Netflix stream via game consoles or computers anyway.

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Netflix vs. VIDGO Pricing

The standard Netflix account begins at $10 per month, and includes HD, the entire catalog of TV and movies, and allows for 2 screens to watch at the same time.

VIDGO has not announced their pricing methods yet, but it is assumed that it will be a bargain to bundle streaming and cable together — definitely cheaper than a cable subscription.

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