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Looking Into the Guts of Dell’s B1160 Wireless Printer

first look dell printer b1160w

If you don’t need all the bells and whistles or want to spend a fortune for a decent wireless printer, the Dell B1160’s basic footprint uses up very little desk space and the WiFi connectivity works very good for multiple users operating on a single network. On a negative note and just so you will know right up front, no unit is perfect and all can not be personalized to your individual needs. While the unit only holds 150 sheets of paper, forcing more frequent refilling and hard-wired networking isn’t possible, its best use may be for the home network and not a small business due to its compact and limited design.


For household, dorm room, or private office needs, the budget friendly B1160w wireless laser printer is a good performer with a good price offering a moderate amount of printing before refilling in a personal use environment where wireless networks exist. If you have a home office or family household, you will benefit from the unit without spending an arm and a leg or taking up the whole desk for a place to put it.

Its limited paper sheet capacity, lack of Ethernet connection capability, and the fact that it can’t print card stock and envelopes keep it from being a workable unit ideal for medium or large business environments. Dell builds in a wireless device that offers mobile printing Apps for Android smartphones. If you are looking for a wireless printer and don’t want to break your monthly budget to buy it, you’ll enjoy the purchase and use of a $120 printer from Dell around your house.

The Dell B116w offers an extremely easy set up as it provides a comprehensive software guide along with the compactness of the unit. It’s measurements boast a mere 13 inches wide, 8.5 inches deep and reaches only 7 inches high leaving users plenty of workspace around it for your computer and other activities or devices. Dell’s conservative sleek and black design follow the norm for many laser printers and features a curved paper path while it places the output tray on the top of the small printer so users don’t have to worry with all the paper flying onto the floor when printing.


According to the specs, the Dell B116w is compatible with many Windows versions both 32 and 64 bit as well as Mac OS and Linux. The handy on-screen guide will walk you through the easy set up even if you are a novice user. While the printers moderate price tag defers the benefit of connecting multiple users from an Ethernet network, it is still great for personal use as most households are wireless now anyway.

While the printer does not have a true control panel, housing only two buttons, it is sufficient for the simple features of a monolaser unit. Basically, the controls are so easy to navigate that even the most inexperienced users won’t have a problem operating it.

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