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Limitless – New CBS TV Show

Limitless is a new crime drama produced by CBS. It’s based on the movie of the same name which starred Bradley Cooper as a down on his luck writer who discovers a drug which enhances his intelligence, and also sends him on a conspiratorial quest to discover the origins of the drug. The film in turn is based on the novel “The Dark Fields” by Alan Glynn.

limitless-tv-seriesThe Television show Limitless is produced by CBS, and stars Jake McDorman, Jennifer Carpenter, Hill Harper and Mary Elizabeth Mastrantantonio. Bradley Cooper also appears in a recurring role, and is an executive producer of the show. With the latest television and Internet technology from Time Warner Cable Internet Service you can watch all the previous and future episodes online or with the TWC TV service.


The protagonist of the series, Brian Finch (played by Jake McDorman) accidentally stumbles upon a drug called NZT-48, which enhances the neural capacity of the brain, allowing for enhanced learning as well as perfect memory and recall. The drug is not without severe side effects, however; it tends to kill the user within a short period of time. For reasons revealed in the show, Brian Finch is immune to the dangers of NZT-48, and for this reason the FBI chooses to work with him instead of arresting him. This is done in order to study him. In return for his co-operation, Finch is given a job at the FBI and uses the drug to solve hard-to-prove cases for the FBI in return for a steady supply of NZT-48.


limitless-tv-showLimitless has been produced by K/O Paper Products, Action This Day!, Relativity Television and CBS Television Studios. The distribution company for the network, CBS Television Distribution, distributes the show.  The executive producers for the show are Bradley Cooper, Todd Phillips, Ryan Kavanaugh, Tucker Tooley, Tom Forman, Heather Kadin, Marc Webb, Craig Sweeny, Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci.

Limitless is filmed on location in New York City. The running time for each episode is between forty three and forty five minutes. After the success of the pilot and initial episodes, the show has been commissioned for a full series of twenty-two episodes. Changes to the direction have occurred throughout, as the formula for the show has been tweaked. For instance, where the pilot was a dark, crime drama styled show, throughout the ten episodes of the series so far, elements of comedy have been introduced, giving the show a lighter feel more akin to a comedy-drama than a crime drama.


Jake McDorman plays the role of Brian Finch.

Jennifer Carpenter plays the role of FBI agent Rebecca Harris.

Hill Harper plays the role of FBI agent Spelman Boyle.

Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio plays the role of FBI special agent Nasreen “Naz” Pouran.

Bradley Cooper plays the role of U.S. Senator Eddie Morra, the original protagonist.

Ron Rifkin plays the role of Dennis Finch, Brian’s father.

Blair Brown plays the role of Marie Finch, Brian’s mother.

Sipiwe Moyo plays the role of Morra’s nurse Sipiwe.

Tom Degnan plays the role of FBI Agent “Ike.”

Michael James Shaw plays the role of FBI Agent “Mike.”

Desmond Harrington plays the role of FBI Agent Casey Rooks.

Colin Salmon plays the role of Mr. Sands


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