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Let Charter Provide for You!

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Charter Cable is a trusted name as a provider for quality cable TV, phone and internet services. Let them provide the quality in services and products that you want and need for home entertainment, internet services and communication with friends and family.

Get what you need with Charter Cable’s cable TV packages that allow you to choose the channels you want. Choose from over two hundred and fifty channels that offer children’s programming, music and videos, sports, drama, action and comedy, for one low monthly rate. Choose and discover what Charter Cable services has to offer you and your family for a quiet night at home or for entertaining friends and family without the added expense of movie rentals and costly alternatives.

Get great picture and sound quality with HDTV that is six times clearer than regular cable channels, with sound provided by Dolby Surround Sound! Watch Charter Cable’s Pay Per View feature that allows you to rent the newly released movie or big championship fight in the comfort of your own home. Let Charter Cable give you even more with their DVR feature that allows you to rewind, pause or fast forward live TV and On Demand movies. You do not have to miss a minute of your favorite programs because you can also use the DVR feature to record shows on other channels as you are watching a show or movie with friends or family. Do it all with Charter Cable!

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Do not miss out on Charter Cable’s High- Speed Internet services that provide surfing and download speeds at up to 13 times faster than DSL. Do not rely on the phone company to provide you with quality digital internet access that is always on. Get digital internet and let your friends find you online while you download music, videos and movies or chat, surf, bank online and shop. Do it all at greater speeds and added protection as you get started with Charter Cable’s free security software. Get added protection from viruses, adware, spyware and popups. Monitor your children’s online activities with Charter Cable’s Parental Controls. Keep them and your computer and personal information safer through Charter Cable’s High-Speed Internet online services.

Digital phone quality at affordable prices is what Charter Cable offers to provide without the expensive overages or counting and remembering minutes. Make unlimited calls anywhere in the United States, any time day or night for one low monthly rate. Keep in touch with friends and family without the extra strain on your budget.

Get all of these great products at one time with Charter Cable’s bundled services. Go with three services for the full benefit of superior quality and products at affordable prices or get two services that save you money on your monthly expenses. Either way, Charter Cable has something to offer the entire family at affordable rates that are sure to benefit everyone.

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Do not do without while Charter Cable offers you so much more than the average dial up company or local phone provider. Let Charter Cable show you what they can do for your family today.

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