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In Tragic Time – Charter offers FREE phone calls to Japan

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Charter Cable has opened the doors to communication between the United States and Japan. Due to the tragic after effects of the earthquake in Japan, many people in the United States are trying to communicate more frequently with their friends and relatives in Japan.

These conversations can get expensive, depending on the length of the call and the number of times the call is made. In a situation like the earthquake, there is a real need to communicate, no matter how expensive it can be. However, due to the generosity of Charter Cable these people are now talking for free.

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Between the dates of March 11 through April 30, all direct calls made to Japan will be free for Charter Cable phone subscribers. Any calls made through an operator, or by directory assistance, will be charged the same fee that Charter Cable phone subscribers are used to paying. Even with the normal charges for directory assistance and operator-assisted calls, the free direct calling will take much of the financial burden out of the process.

These free phone calls can be made to cell phones and landlines. According to Charter Cable, calls made between the dates of March 11 through March 14 will show up on the monthly bill, but a credit will be given for them. Any calls made between the dates of March 14 through April 30 will not show up on the monthly bill at all. With such a large financial burden lifted, family and friends are able to communicate freely and concentrate on the situation at hand.

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This is great news for those that have friends and family in Japan. With free direct calling, families and friends in the United States can communicate as frequently as they feel necessary with their friends and family in Japan.

Charter Cable reports that, although call volumes have dropped since the earthquake, they are still higher now than the normal amount. Even before the calls were given free of charge, call volumes were still higher than they are normally. Charter Cable also reports that approximately half of the calls being made from the States are being answered.

Charter Cable has offered a way to help concerned individuals stay informed without spending a fortune in phone calls. With free calling to Japan until April 30, 2011, communications can continue, as needed, so that loved ones can stay in touch.

Charter Cable has more than 14 million customers nationwide. They offer quality digital programming, with features like HD, On Demand and Pay Per View. Charter Cable also provides DVRs and HD-DVRs for their customers to use.

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The Charter Cable high-speed broadband internet offers features like WiFi, free security software and Parental Controls. These services can support up to ten wireless devices at once.

The digital home phone services that Charter Cable offers provides unlimited local and long distance calling to any location in the United States. These services also come with up to ten digital calling features that are included in the monthly rate.


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