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icueTV – More Interactive TV features!

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Consumers are looking for ways to get more interactive with their television sets. With manufacturers and online providers, this is becoming more of a reality. TV sets now connect to the internet, with gadgets and widgets to help interaction. These services help the interactive movement and provide additional conveniences for viewers. In that respect, the very definition of television viewing is being redefined.

The newest face joining interactive television options is the company icueTV. This company concentrates on providing interactive TV options through technology. icueTV provides the technology that is placed inside of a set-top cable TV box. This technology comes already included in the box, so consumers have less equipment to rent or buy. This makes the process easier and more affordable for the consumer and provider, and gives the convenience of having stored technology that can be updated for future advances.

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The icueTV company has partnered with Groupon, a discounts provider, to offer interaction with Groupon advertising. This technology will allow viewers to incorporate a “click to text” option when viewing a Groupon advertisement.

When consumers are watching a Groupon commercial they like, with a deal they want, icueTV technology will make it possible to interact with the TV to get that deal. With this technology, a viewer can use his or her remote to click and choose from a menu on the screen.

Using the remote control, consumers can select options from a drop down menu, or input their mobile numbers to get to get a text message. Some of these texts will have a link to email for signing up with Groupon.

Other advertisers are looking at this technology, as well. It will offer the “click to text” feature, as well as the functions for interactive buying. Consumers will also be able to get menus, vote and select coupons or purchase merchandise, all from their couch.

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Groupon representatives will help icueTV demonstrate this technology at the National Cable and Telecommunications Association’s Cable Show. The show is open now and is scheduled to continue with demonstrations through Thursday, June 16, 2011. The show is being held at the McCormick Place in Chicago. The McCormick Place holds conventions for as many as three million visitors every year.

Interactive television is slowly becoming a reality in more and more applications. With the icueTV technology, consumers have direct access to additional convenience services, allowing consumers to forego calling or finding something online.

With icueTV technology, consumers are even more able to view their content and take advantage of the special deals and offers that advertisers may provide. With such easy accessibility, viewers can take advantage of deals and bargains at that time. They run less of a risk of forgetting to check out that website, or call that number, when it is all conveniently provided for them on their television screen. These options provide consumers with instant accessibility and less effort.

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As this and other technologies for interactive TV advance, viewers can enjoy more benefits and options. These options are sure to take programming and television viewing to the next level, while helping to redefine the role of television in the home.

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