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How to Enjoy the Super Bowl Without Cable TV

It’s that time of the year again. The time when 2017’s biggest (arguably) extravaganza will be happening this Sunday. It is the time when cable subscribers feel vindicated and cord-cutters curse themselves for ditching their cable connection. Their plight is only understandable, because IT’S SUPER BOWL TIME!
This year’s Super Bowl, the Super Bowl LI, is pitting Atlanta Falcons against the New England Patriots. As thrilling as the game is bound to be, the half-time performance will be no less amazing either. In case you are wondering, it will be performed by Lady Gaga this time. Not to mention the phenomenal Super Bowl commercials, which have become a tradition of sorts. Yeah, no. We are not rubbing your nose in it, cord-cutters. On the contrary, we bring you today some simple solutions to address your present problem – how to watch the Super Bowl without a cable connection? Check out which of these methods work best for you.


Digital Antenna

When everything else fails, go back to the basics. We live in the era of 4K content streaming over the internet; we enjoy the DVR feature that enables us to never miss a show; we are able to enjoy television anywhere and everywhere. But, we are yet to get sports entertainment on more than a few streaming services. So, what is the solution? Take the old-fashioned option. Purchase a digital antenna from your local electronics store. It will allow you to catch a whole range of broadcast networks without paying a single penny to the cable operators. More importantly, you will be able to tune in to your local Fox affiliate, and enjoy the Super Bowl in all its glory. By the way, the type of antenna that you should buy depends on your geographical location. So, do some research and pick the right one.



A representative of Fox Sports recently made an announcement that the Super Bowl will be streamed live on the channel’s official website. Clearly, all you need is a smart device and an internet connection to enjoy the most awaited sports event of the year. Smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop, or any other similar device will do. But, if you want to enjoy the event on your HDTV, then you will need a Chromecast. This device will allow you to stream the event on your device, and then cast it onto the TV. If you have a high speed internet connection, then you can enjoy it in high definition as well.


What About Overseas Audiences?

If you are an American who is travelling overseas, then it becomes even more difficult to find a source that streams Super Bowl there. Even Fox Sports has stated that only limited sports programming will be available in the overseas markets. It is reasonable to assume that wherever you are staying, the chances of Super Bowl being broadcasted live are slim. Be that as it may, there is a clever trick to not miss the game. Of course, you will need the usual items – an internet connection, and a smart device. Now, all you need to add to the mix is a US-based Virtual Private Network. There are dozens of good VPNs operating out of the US. Sign up for an account with a suitable pricing. It will allow you to mask your device’s IP address, and fake it. The VPN fakes your location within the US, and you will now be able to enjoy Super Bowl online on the Fox Sports website, as if you are at home


Fox Sports Go App

The Fox Sports Go app usually requires you to login using your cable subscription credentials, which you obviously do not have or else you wouldn’t be here. But, the network is disabling the authentication for the game. The app itself is compatible with a host of devices and platforms, making is easy for almost everyone to enjoy the game on their device.

Fox Sports Go is supported on iOS, Android, Windows, and Amazon tablet platforms. Apart from the smart devices, the following devices support the app as well – Apple TV, Roku, Xbox One, Amazon Fire, Chromecast, and Android TV.


Sling TV

Sling TV is the streaming service from Dish Network which brings cable programming for cord-cutters. The service offers live TV that includes more than a hundred channels via competitively priced packages. But, guess what? You don’t have to sign up for the service yet. You can start by signing up for a trial run of the service. Dish Network offers a 7-day trial of Sling TV for new users. Once you sign up, you can go right away to Fox Access, which is where the Super Bowl will be featured. To its credit, Sling TV is a cool service. But, if you do not wish to continue with it, remember to disconnect the service before the trial period expires.


PlayStation Vue

Simply put, PlayStation Vue, is Sony’s answer to Sling TV. It is slightly pricier than Sling TV. But, you need not worry about that, as Vue also comes with a 7-day trial offer for new users. Create an account with Vue, and start enjoying the service right away. Here too, you need to go to Fox Access to watch the Super Bowl. However, before you sign up for the service, check out whether PlayStation Vue is compatible with at least one of your devices, on the official PlayStation website. At the moment, the service is available on a limited set of devices only. Needless to say, deactivate the account before the trial period is over, if you do not intend to continue with the service.

Verizon Users

Verizon users have won a jackpot this time. All of them will be able to enjoy Super Bowl on their smartphone or tablet for absolutely free of cost on the NFL Mobile app. Alternatively, if you have Chromecast, you can cast the live event onto your TV at home and enjoy it on the big screen.

Finally, if everything fails, just hit a sports bar, or plan the weekend at your friend’s. Make sure that they either have a cable connection, or some other way of watching the sporting event.

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