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How Smart does your TV need to be?

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The rush to be the first and best Smart TV manufacturer has garnered the best out of competitors across the board. With such competition, consumers are the ones to glean the benefits, having a wide selection of choices put in front of them, with the expectation of name brand quality. Also, due to the competition, manufacturers can’t get too greedy, since their competitors may be selling something just as good, for less. It’s American free enterprise, at its best. Its also a turn around from the way things are traditionally done. Since the television was the cornerstone of home entertainment for so long, television manufacturers are not used to being the ones to scramble for a place in the technological market place. Once first, now last, these companies are having to raise the bar to compete.

Television manufacturers are now adding features that no TV has ever had. They are also raising the bar on quality and basic compatibility with existing devices and services. To add to the stress level of television production giants, other companies that don’t normally design TV’s are getting in on the action.


For example, Ikea has produced a television that is being billed as not a television. It is called the Uppleva, and it is said to be TV, a TV stand, an MP3 player and more, giving it an all-in-one quality.

Ikea, who has announced that it will no longer produce only furniture. Supposedly, the company decided on this after it was upset to learn that its designers could not design a piece of furniture that could work with an existing set-top. Therefore, the powers that be at Ikea decided that if it couldn’t design the furniture its customers need to work around the set, they would provide the set that worked with the customers.

The Uppleva is a one piece unit, with television set, a BluRay and a DVD player. The set comes with a 2.1 sound system and a wireless sub woofer that can be hid behind something for a more complete surround sound experience.

The benefits of having this set include the lack of cables and wires that are apparent, and less than attractive. The set also has a mesh front, with a hidden shelf that allows the consumer to place a Sky box on, if necessary. The mesh is there to hide the box, but to allow the viewer full range of use for the remote control.

The Uppleva also includes a 1080p definition, with two USB ports and four HMDI ports. The TV is also WiFi-enabled, with an MP3 Player.


For the interior designer that wants it all to be perfect, Ikea is even offering the ability to change the frame around the technology. This allows for a complete integration into the home’s entertainment system, because the consumer can choose the color that best matches the décor.

Ikea is also offering the television in different screen sizes so that it can best fit the size of the room it is going in.

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