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How Do You Choose a Cell Phone?

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Shopping for a mobile phone is about as hectic as choosing nail polish from hundreds of colors or picking out a new tablet with all the choices on the market today. Technology and features abound and yet each carrier and provider all say they offer the best products and services. They’ve even teamed up with iPhone and Android manufacturers to offer their phones directly through their carrier service. So how do you know which one is best? Go figure!

When considering a carrier, let’s look at what you are facing. There’s Verizon Wireless, the largest carrier in the US offering a 4G network and a very influential smartphone lineup to choose from. Next and the second biggest wireless carrier in the US is AT&T which was the first carrier to offer the iPhone and is currently expending it 4G network. And then there is Sprint that offers the push to talk devices for Nextel, as well as they were the first carrier in the US to offer 4G. On to T-Mobile and though the smallest major carrier, they provide competitively priced plans and extensive international roaming. There are also lesser significant carriers like MetroPCS, US Cellular, and Virgin Mobile.


All of these bring something unique to the market, keeping them in competition with each other and offering users an option to choose their preference.

Next you may have to decide which type of phone you wish to have. Smartphones are the latest technological phenomenon using apps, and games and using an operating system like Android iOS or Windows 7 so you can check email, browse, and stream movies all on one device.

Android was developed by Google and while supported by almost all handset mfg’s and carriers in the US, still offers access to Google apps and user customization. Windows Phone 7 obviously uses Windows 7 OS and is vastly improved with interface capabilities and new apps. Blackberry is better used for messaging applications with real time corporate email delivery and personal customization tools. The iPhone may be the most popular at this time due to social media influence, runs only the iOS but is easy to use and offers a broad array of apps and interface compatibility with other Apple devices.


Choosing a carrier, phone, and next the features you would like according to your usage is vitally important. Since customers are generally locked into a plan and phone for one to two years, it is important to choose the correct one that will meet your needs. Some users want a phone with GPS capabilities. Others want one that supports wireless broadband and thus 4G is a main focus. Certain people want Bluetooth in order to use a wireless headset, transmit files, or speaker phones to make hand-free calls. There are even those who need GSM to use overseas or full keyboards for business purposes.

It’s not an easy task to choose your carrier, phone, and features, but a task that warrants much research and a choice for the one that meets your needs as a user.

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