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Grab your glasses and stay awhile! 3D is Back!

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While 3D technology has always been popular, it has not always been easily accessible to the general public. Fans of 3D formatting and imaging have had to wait for something to come out in movie theaters to watch their movies in 3D action- until recently.

Now, there is 3DTV for any home that wants it. When these TV sets were put into production, many families decided to refrain from buying them, due to the lack of 3D programming that was available at that time. While there was some 3D content available through the video on demand feature, there was not a large selection to choose from. Many families felt this was not enough to warrant the investment that 3D technology would require. However, that is about to change.

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3D channels have hit mainstream America through Pay TV providers, with more on the way. It is said that 3D channels are being released, with more than 100 channels planned for broadcast in the United States by the year 2014.

Currently, the available 3D programming can only be found through video on demand, but these new channels will be more of the traditional channels that viewers are used to.

This means that it might be possible to watch episodes from a viewer’s favorite sitcom, or night time drama in 3D. Since these services are already offered on video on demand services, they can be used to watch exciting new Hollywood releases. With this technology, any movie can be transformed for 3D viewing.

There’s more! The most exciting application for 3D for some is the implications that it has for sports fans. With this technology, anyone can sit in their living room and feel like they are part of the action, literally.

These channels may be able to provide sports with coverage of games and sports related programming. However, true sports fans are more interested in 3D implications for live events. The amount of live event coverage in 3D is supposed to develop for home use as soon as 2011.

It is believed that the most popular forms of programming will be introduced in 3D first. This will help capture public attention and entertain the viewers that already have 3DTVs and subscribe to existing 3D programming. These categories may include music, movies, sports and documentaries. The amount of content will expand, as well, as the availability of channels become more prevalent.

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3D has made its way around the world, with 3D programming in the United States, Asia and Europe. This is good news for International subscribers, since it offers possibilities for International programming within the United States, as well.

The factors that will influence the advancement of 3DTV, and its expanding channel selection, will include the expense of producing 3D programming. Pay TV providers have to balance these expenses with other operating expenses, while keeping their pricing fair and competitive for their subscribers. This balance will play a vital role in the quantity of available 3D content in the next year.


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