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Comcast Cable provides service for over 24 million subscribers every month. They are the leading Pay TV provider in the United States, offering a full selection of programming packages and well-liked features like On Demand, live Pay Per View selections, the DVR and Parental Controls. In addition to these services, they offer high-speed internet and digital phone service, as well. Comcast Cable offers over two hundred and fifty channels to choose from, in a variety of programming packages that include HD channels. These packages are priced to offer everyone something, no matter what the budget is.

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Comcast Cable was started in 1963 and have provided affordable family programming ever since. Daniel Aaron, the founder of Comcast Cable was inducted into the Cable Hall of Fame in 2002. In 2003, Multichannel News named Comcast Cable the “Operator of the Year” and Mark Coblitz received the “Vanguard Award for Science and Technology”. In 2004, Comcast Cable partnered with Gemstar-TV Guide and Microsoft to develop better viewer interaction features for the TV guide, On Demand and others. Through the years, Comcast Cable has helped shape the face of home entertainment, bringing their subscribers the best products and services for cable TV programming on the market. Comcast Cable has continued to provide the best service possible to date.

Comcast Cable owns several of their own networks and have invested in several others, including the Comcast Sports Group, with ten networks dedicated to sports, and the Comcast Interactive Media, the branch that deals with internet function and operations. Other networks include Style Network, TV ONE, PBS KIDS Sprout, E! Entertainment Television, Golf Channel, G4 and VERSUS.

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Along with these networks and channels, Comcast Cable offers family-friendly services for high-speed internet to 14.9 million customers. These services are providing Comcast Cable PowerBoost subscribers with speeds that are up to six times faster than DSL, and over one hundred times faster than dial up. PowerBoost uses less bandwidth to move more information, making it easy to download videos, music, games and movies, at conveniently fast speeds. Comcast Cable offers free online security software that keeps their customers and the family computers safe from Identity Theft, Popups, Viruses and Spyware. Comcast Cable delivers for a faster, safer online experience the entire family can enjoy.

Comcast Cable also provides 6.5 million people with quality digital phone services. These services include unlimited local and long distance calling to anywhere in the United States and Canada, with popular calling features like call forwarding, call waiting, three way calling and more, for up to twelve features total. These selections offer subscribers a way to stay in touch with family, locally and nationally, for one low monthly price.

Comcast Cable can offer these services in one bundle, providing quality viewing material, high-speed internet and reliable digital phone service. Their Triple Play Bundle provides their customers with convenient, economical way to get the entertainment and communication options they want..

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Comcast Cable provides over 24 million customers with the tools they need for quality home entertainment, with popular channels and viewing features that can keep the entire family entertained for hours.

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