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kids zone lets your kids take control of the remote

Does your family need quality entertainment at affordable prices? Comcast Cable can provide your family with over two hundred and fifty channels, excellent viewing features and affordable pricing the entire family can benefit from. In addition, Comcast Cable can also provide broadband internet services and digital phone services that can help your family get connected and stay in touch with friends and loved ones all over North America and the globe.


Comcast Cable provides programming packages that are priced to fit into most any budget. There are several different packages to choose from, with premium movie channels, international programming and sports packages. These programming packages can be enjoyed with features like the DVR, On Demand selections, live Pay Per View events and Parental Controls.

The DVR can record up to 60 hours of your favorite programming. It is able to be preset to record programming that airs while the family is at work and school, so that no one has to miss a thing, or it can be programmed to record the show that the family is watching right then.

The Comcast Cable On Demand feature is a digital library with over seventeen thousand viewing selections to choose from. On Demand has a lot of the network shows, children’s programming, sports programs and movies that you find in the regular programming packages, giving viewers the chance to catch up on what they missed. On Demand also delivers newly released movies to the comfort and privacy of the family home.

Pay Per View offers incredible live events the entire family can enjoy. Families can pay a fraction of the price that stadium or concert tickets would cost and get amazing live action from boxing matches, championship fights, wrestling matches, music concerts and comedy events.

The viewing selections available through On Demand and Pay Per View can be enjoyed with the benefits of the DVR, allowing viewers to rewind, pause and fast forward through these selections.


All of the material on the channels guide and DVR can be blocked and controlled with Parental Controls. Parental Controls give parents the peace of mind they need when they are out of the house or out of the room by allowing them to block entire channels, specific shows or to block programming at specific times. Comcast Cable also provides online Parental Controls that can block undesirable web content and help monitor online activities.

Comcast Cable also provides high-speed internet service. This service is a great way to help families stay connected. Comcast Cable delivers downloads at speeds that are over one hundred and forty times faster than traditional dial up these speed allow servers to download music and games in seconds, giving people more time to enjoy their online experience. Comcast Cable also provides their customers a safer way to surf through their free online security software. This software can protect the computer by catching malicious programming before it ever installs on the computer. It can also protect from spy ware.

Comcast Cable also provides digital home phone services. These services can provide unlimited local and long distance calling to anywhere in North America. It includes calling features like call waiting, call forwarding, three way calling, call return, and more for up to twelve features in all. Comcast cable also provides voice mail, with e-mail notifications.

With Comcast Cable, you can meet all of your family’s home entertainment and communication needs.

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