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With so many viewing options available to viewers today, it is hard to imagine TV getting any better. However, Charter Cable found a way.

With the technological advances made in broadband internet services, viewing television online has become a reality, adding convenience and portability to the service. Online viewing has grown in popularity due to the added convenience of the service and because of the expanded viewing selections online programming can offer.

Now, with Charter Cable, their subscribers can get the added benefit of programming and movie selections from the premium channel EPIX, both on their normal cable subscription and with through the internet.

Charter Cable recently added EPIX to their channel lineup, adding to the selection they already carry. The EPIX channel has dedicated itself to giving quality movie selections and other programming options to home viewers that want to watch the regular EPIX programming, or watch their programming through the EPIX On Demand feature.

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EPIX has provided On Demand services for their online viewers, as well. The channel EPIX was designed with collaboration from Viacom, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios and Paramount. Due to the large selection of movies and programming these providers have to offer, EPIX is quite possibly the largest movie provider on cable or online today.

EPIX currently offers instant access to over 15,000 viewing selections. These selections are comprised of motion pictures that come from the libraries of Paramount, Viacom and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios. Their On Demand selections include over 3000 movies, delivering one of the most well-stocked digital On Demand libraries available.

The Vice President of Product Management for Charter Cable, Rich DiGeronimo stated, “EPIX is a total viewing experience-traditional television, on demand, and online-that enables our customers’ TV viewing to evolve through this exciting multiplatform technology. Television is an important part of lives, and Charter continues to invest in new technologies and services that further enrich our customers’ viewing experience.”

Rick DiGeronimo also said, “Charter Cable’s early launch of the EPIX multiplatform service recognizes the importance of choice and control for customers whose viewing habits are multidimensional. Our goal is to help guide our customer through this dramatic evolution in TV viewing by providing high-quality programming on whatever platform or technology they choose.”

EPIX will give viewers front row seats to such movie greats as Raiders of the Lost Ark and the Godfather. They will also get to see Shutter Island, Star Trek, Tyler Perry’s ‘I Can Do Bad All By Myself’ and Precious. Viewers can also get their favorite music and comedy stars like the Black Eye Peas, Madonna, David Cross and Lewis Black..

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Charter Cable is a professional provider for home entertainment and telecommunications services. Charter TV offers over two hundred and fifty channels, with On Demand and Pay Per View services. Charter Cable also offers internet and voice services. Charter Internet is high-speed broadband, offered in wired and wireless. Charter Voice offers local and long distance calling, with up to ten calling features in all.

Through EPIX, Charter Cable customers now have the freedom of choice as to what movies they watch, when they want to watch them and where they want to watch them.

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