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Giant Downloads are no Match for Comcast


Comcast Cable delivers digital cable programming, high-speed broadband internet and digital phone services to over 18 million households in the United States every month. Comcast Cable is a reliable provider offering these services at affordable, family-friendly prices that fit comfortably into almost any budget.

They offer an extensive programming selection designed for specific interests like sports, foreign programming and movie selections. These packages can be viewed in digital cable or HDTV formatting.

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The Comcast Cable Sports packages include high-quality channels like ESPN360, ESPNU, NBA TV, the NFL Network, and the MLB Network for 24/7 action, updates, news and scores. Comcast Cable also offers international programming broadcast in native languages like Japanese, Greek, Korean, Russian, Portuguese, Arabic, Chinese, Filipino, Polish, Vietnamese, South Asian, Italian and German. The international programming packages offer channels and bundles from all over the world for native programming, adding a touch of home for foreign residents.

These programming packages are also able to provide hours of movies with channels like HBO, Showtime, steps to use voice control xfinitySTARZ, Cinemax and newly released movies on the On Demand feature. On Demand is a digital library that has over 10,000 programs, movies, premier events, reviews, music videos and new releases. These movies can be stored and viewed on the DVR for up to 24 hours after the ordering process, allowing viewers to enjoy their selections several times.

The DVR can also be used while watching Pay Per View selections, allowing viewers to rewind, fast forward and pause the selections from the On Demand menu, as well. Pay Per View events are live, shown in real time, and offer a wide selection of choices for boxing and wrestling matches, UFC fights, other sporting events and live music events, like concerts. The DVR makes it possible to create instant replays, fast forward through boring commercials and pause the programming to get snacks or run an errand, adding convenience to entertainment.


Comcast Cable is also known for their quality broadband internet services, offering surfers speeds that are up to six times faster than DSL, and over one hundred times faster than dial up. Surfers can download and take care of online business at incredible speeds, making it convenient and easy to stay connected. Comcast Cable High-Speed Internet also offers free online security software that helps keep the computer and user safe from potentially harmful popups or spyware, viruses and identity theft.

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Besides the cable programming packages and high-speed internet services, Comcast Cable also offers digital phone services that allow callers to make unlimited calls to anywhere in the United States and Canada. This service offers calling features that can help busy families stay in touch, with voicemail and instant email notification when a new voicemail is received.

Comcast Cable offers a wide variety of programming entertainment that meets the individual needs of their customers, with diverse programming that can entertain everyone in the house, no matter what the age group is. Comcast Cable has proven they can meet the needs of the individual and family, all at affordable pricing the entire family can benefit from.

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