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In an effort to stay competitive with other providers, Charter Cable has have added more services and products for their customers than ever before. Originally, cable TV companies were only interested in providing cable television to their subscribers, but now they are usually involved with your phone and Internet services too. Not only that, but their services are much more beneficial and reliable than the traditional, analog phone and Internet services. For example, before cable Internet was available to the public, you had to use dial-up Internet. This type of Internet connection went through phone lines and was not particularly fast or trustworthy. It would usually take hours just to download one music file.


One of the better services offered by Charter Cable is a homepage that allows full customization from your end. Many use their default homepage as a place to quickly access the websites they most often visit on the web. These pages can also be used to provide you with up to minute news stories from any topic of interest of your choice. Some of the topics available are technology, world news, and sports. A unique feature of the Charter Cable homepage is the classifieds section for local residents and businesses. The classifies section can be used to sell a house, look for new employees, and even tell people about local community events.

Sports sections are one of the most popular options available for personal homepages. Charter Cable offers up to date news and scores from the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, college football, college basketball, PGA, LPGA, and auto racing. You can customize which sports you would like to view, and which ones you would prefer to be left out. Another popular feature of the Charter Cable personal homepage is the ability to check movie times for local theaters in your area. Now you have quick and easy access to movie times when you are trying to plan an outing with some of your friends. For those who enjoy to have a little fun, there are also some free online games to play. Over 500 games are available to choose from, so if you have hours to time to kill, there is no better place to do it. Also, for fans of music, there is a monthly music subscription under the music section and, for those who like sending greeting cards, there is a sign up available for


Charter Cable has something for everyone on their personalized homepages, so everyone in your family will be able to get the enjoyment they want out of the Internet. If you are looking for a family friendly way to get your family started on the World Wide Web, then Charter Cable is the company you will want to choose as your Internet Service Provider. Those who were in need of a fast, quality Internet service now have what they were looking for in this fine Internet company.

Plus, since the television, phone, and Internet services are known being brought to your home by the same people, there are interchangeable features between the three services that have never been available before. Charter Cable is a provider you and your local community can depend on.


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