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Get All You Need with Cable TV!

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Cable TV providers can offer subscribers a wide selection of products and services that can give everyone in the house something to look for to. These services and products offer hours of entertainment for the entire family to enjoy, with programming for children and adults.

These products and services include a channel selection of over 250 channels, arranged in several different programming packages, to offer something for everyone the matter what the budget is. These programming packages can be enjoyed with viewing features such as HD and digital channels, as well as the DVR, Pay Per View events, Video on Demand selections and Parental Controls.


The DVR is popular because it allows viewers to pre-set for recording favorite programs or favorite channels, even when the subscriber is not home. The DVR is capable of recording and storing up to 60 hours of programming, and can record off of multiple channels at the same time. The DVR is also able to provide subscribers with the ability to pause, fast forward and rewind through selections found in the Video on Demand and Pay per View menus. The Video on Demand selections include children’s programming, sports shows, network programs, music videos and other selections, totaling over 10,000 viewing options in all. These viewing options also include newly released movies that can be rented in viewed from the comfort and privacy of the family home. Pay Per View events are live and range from boxing and wrestling matches to music concerts and comedy events. These selections can be viewed in the home at a fraction of the price it would cost to see them in person.

Cable TV providers also offer protection for the children in the home with their Parental Controls. These controls provide a user-friendly way for parents to block undesirable content, either by blocking entire channels, or specific programs. These controls can also be used to block content for a specific period of time or for the duration of the service. Families enjoy a faster, safer online environment the entire family can benefit from.


Cable TV providers can also offer of Broadband Internet Services that are over 100 times faster than traditional dial up, and up to six times faster than DSL. Surfers can download music, games, movies and videos at incredible speeds, offering convenience and affordability for the family. Many cable TV providers will also offer free online Security Software that can protect the family and computer from spyware, viruses, identity theft and popups. Cable TV providers will also offer Parental Controls for their online services, giving the parents a way to monitor online activities and blocked undesirable content or web sites. These Controls can also monitor online chat sessions for an added measure of security.

With cable TV providers, the family can get all three of these services and a bundled package that will help to save money every month. These services include cable TV programming, high-speed internet and digital phone services, for one low monthly rate, through one proven provider.

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