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Free Showtime On Demand with Comcast

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One of the latest developments that has occurred with the company, Comcast Cable, is the fact that they have allowed their customers full access to SHOWTIME On Demand on TV for a 3 day free viewing. This means that customers enjoy all the benefits of HD quality television for free over the period of March 25 – March 28. This follows the pattern Comcast Cable has set over the years as offering quality programming and innovative thinking for their customers.

The preview period includes some of the best moments in television, as it will allow the viewers to be able to see the premiere episodes of two of the most anticipated series of the season. It also allows viewers the opportunity to catch up on episodes of older favorites that they had missed. This is not the first time Comcast Cable has provided their customers with free previews of normally restricted channels.

This SHOWTIME preview period can give customers a glimpse of the programming that comes with this channel. Not only does it provide customers with some of the most acclaimed television series of all time, but it also gives viewers the ability to watch some of the best blockbuster movies that have been released.

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Movies such as the hit Twilight, sports events like Inside Nascar, and the original SHOWTIME series are just a few of the things that people can enjoy from the free preview period. Not only can you watch the premiere of these shows on television, but you can also watch old favorites that you have wanted to see but have not had the opportunity to do so.

Comcast Cable is continuing to focus on increasing the amount of choices that customers have available when it comes to television viewing through its Xfinity service. This service offers customers over 100 HD channels, plus the option of approx 50 plus foreign language channels. New services that Xfinity will be offering this year will include the ability to program your DVR right from the internet or your mobile device, along with a few other interactive applications.

The Comcast Cable company has been dedicated to providing high quality services to their customers for an extensive period of time. Among the services that they offer are internet, cable, and digital phone, with calling features, email accessible voicemail and Pay Per View and On Demand options.

Comcast Cable is a major investor in many of the most popular networks and programs that are on the air today including PBS KIDS, E!Entertainment Television, the Golf Channel and a long list of others. They also have the majority of ownership in Comcast-Spectator, which is the owner of two pro sports teams, one being a basketball team and the other being an NHL team. These are just a few of the many things that the Comcast Cable company has in all or part of its control.

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Because of all they have to offer, Comcast Cable customers benefit immensely, in home entertainment options, broadband internet services and in digital phone services that allow the customers to do more for very reasonable, family-friendly prices.

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