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Don’t Settle – Go for Comcast!

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Why settle for ordinary cable when you could have Comcast Cable? Comcast offers digital and HD channels, the DVR, On Demand selections, live Pay Per View events, Parental Controls and high-speed internet and digital phone service.

Comcast Cable gives you over two hundred and fifty channels to choose from, with low monthly prices that can fit into almost any budget. Comcast Cable offers entertainment for children and adults.


Your family can get a DVR that can record and store up to 60 hours of programming. This allows families to record their favorite shows to watch later. The DVR can be set to record these shows, even when no one is home when the program is on. You can set the DVR to record channels and programming in advance, or it can be set to record programming that is currently o n TV. It can even record programming on one channel while the family is watching another channel.

Comcast Cable provides excellent Parental Controls to safeguard your children from inappropriate programming. These Controls work for material stored in the DVR and on the regular channels. Parental Controls can be adjusted between older and younger children to make sure everybody can get the appropriate viewing material.


Comcast Cable also offers On Demand selections that add hours of additional entertainment. These selections include network programs, children’s programs, music videos and newly released movies. Comcast Cable also offers Pay Per View, which provides live entertainment like boxing and wrestling matches, live music concerts and live comedy events. Pay Per View and On Demand save your family time and money because everything you need for quality entertainment is right in your home, at a fraction of the cost.

Comcast Cable can also give you high-speed internet that provides speeds that are over 100 times faster than dial up, and up to six times faster than DSL. You can surf and download music and games at incredible speeds. Comcast Cable also gives added online protection against viruses, spyware, popups and identity theft with their free online security software. You also get Parental Controls for the internet that help you keep your children on the appropriate websites.


Comcast Cable can also provide your family with digital phone services that can save you money. These services allow families to call anywhere in the United States and Canada for one low monthly rate. They provide calling features like call return, call forwarding, three way calling, call waiting and more, for up to 12 features in all. Comcast Cable makes it easy to get all of your voicemails with their online notification service through email. You can check your email from any location in the world with internet access.

With all of these great services, it is easy to want them all. Get all of them with the Comcast Cable Triple Play bundles. These bundles let your family save time and money and enjoy the home entertainment they have.

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