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Dish Networks Annouces

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Dish Network recently announced the launching of their service. This service has been provided by the innovators at Dish Network to go even further in product and service enhancement.

What this means for the average Dish Network customer is that while surfing for information on that favorite show, can be accessed, pulling up programs, special features, clips and other content information from the web, as well as from Dish Network programming. This provides the customer with a way to watch that favorite show through the Dish Network service online, while the customer is reading the latest news on the show or the cast, all online and all through one portal.

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Not only can provide better surfing and streaming services, but it gets even better with the service it provides for movie rentals, watching programming stored on the DVR, and the direct connection it makes between the content the customer is searching and all the related topics. A search for a favorite TV show will not only bring up that show, but also information on the lead characters, with other shows and movies they have starred in. is the “one-stop shop” for TV fans that want to get all the latest news and related material on their programs, favorite stars or just general information.

“ integrates DISH Network’s expansive TV programming lineup with the vast amount of online video content, adding another dimension to our ‘pay once, take your TV everywhere’ product platform.” said the Senior Vice President for Programming for Dish Network, Dave Shull, “ DISH Network is committed to offering an unrivaled experience that satisfies our customers’ need to consume video in a variety of new and exciting ways.”

Since this is the first service of its kind, the service qualifies Dish Network, once again, as being a leader in the Pay TV industry. Dish Network has helped shape the Pay TV industry with ground-breaking technology and innovative services for almost twenty years. They were the first company to offer many products, including the first analog-to-digital DVR, the first HD-DVR, and they were the first company to provide HD 1080p formatting. Dish Network was also the first company to provide Interactive TV, with games, online shopping and bill pay options and stock information.

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There have been several awards given to Dish Network for the quality of their DVRs. One of their latest models include a hard drive that can record and store up to 1000 hours of programming, more than any other DVR at that time.

Dish Network now provides service for more than 14 million households in the United States. Their services include digital On Demand and Pay Per View viewing, as well as other benefits, like Parental Controls and a wide selection of DVRs and HD-DVRs. They were also the first company to provide a Slingbox/DVR combination. They currently have a channel selection of almost 300 channels with many HD channels included. Dish Network also offers an expansive International programming selection, with programming in over 28 different languages from over 170 countries.

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