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Dish Network – Worth Every Penny

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Satellite television has come a long way since it was first established back in the early 1970’s. Before, only the wealthiest of people could afford to have satellite television and it was often times very difficult to maintain a good quality picture when bad weather would arrive. Now, almost every household has satellite television but every satellite provider has different stations as well as prices. I have had Dish Network for almost a year now and I have been very pleased with the broad range of channels as well as the cost and customer service. They are very easy to work with and they have constantly offered me the best deal around.

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In the past year, I have not lost service even one time with Dish Network because of adverse weather. This alone says quite a bit for the company considering I live in Northwestern Montana where the weather can sometimes be very severe. I tried another satellite company and even cable before making the switch and would lose service every time a storm passed through.

Right now, I receive every channel available through Dish Network, including the movie channels and I pay less than what I was paying for just one movie channel through my cable company. My family each enjoys different aspects of the channel lineup; while I enjoy the movie and local channels dish offers, my husband enjoys the military, history and discovery channels. My children think they could not live without channels like Nick, Nick Teen, Disney and Disney XD, as well as Boomerang, which offers the classic cartoons my husband and I grew up with and can now share with our children. The varieties of channels offered are very important to our family; it tends to keep everyone happy, and with a family of four children, that is not always an easy task.

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The customer service we have received with Dish is also bar none. They are always helpful and courteous and the one time I did have a problem, they solved it with a ten dollar a month credit for six months. This made me completely forget what the problem was to begin with. While it was a pretty insignificant problem, they were right there to make it right. As a customer with Dish, I feel that their main priority is customer satisfaction and that means a lot to our family.

The equipment we received through Dish is also a wonderful asset. With a four year old that is into everything, I always worry about the equipment located in the room where he watches television the most. With Dish, we have a dual DVR, which enabled us to have the box located in our room without any other box in the house. We can still watch programs as well as recorded shows on all televisions in the house.

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I recommend Dish to all of my friends which is usually rewarded by a free month of service from Dish. The experience I have had with this company has greatly surpassed all of our needs and wishes as well as our budget. Jump on these great Dish Network Deals.

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