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Dish Network is Raising the Bar

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Dish Network is a satellite TV provider that offers service all of the United States. They offer their customers a variety of programming, with a selection of over three hundred channels, with several programming packages to choose from. These programming packages are reasonably priced to offer everybody something, no matter what the monthly entertainment budget is.

Dish Network has designed several products and services that set new industry standards, including the MPEG-4, Interactive Television and HD 1080p. While Dish Network already has a great channel and product lineup, they are always seeking more for their customers.

The MPEG-4 was the first receiver to broadcast in HDTV. It was the first receiver in the industry capable of broadcasting in standard and High Definition and was designed to be a multi-room receiver. The MPEG-4 was the first receiver in the industry to broadcast in the Advanced Video Coding Standing.

HD 1080p was designed by Dish Network to give the viewers a cinema-like experience in the comfort of their own home. It broadcasts with six times the resolution as standard programming, and has even more resolution than traditional HDTV. The HD 1080p formatting has the same sight and sound enhancements that theaters show their movies in. HD 1080p has been compared to Blu Ray technology for the picture and audio quality it produces.

The Dish Network Interactive Television feature is the newest feature for interactive TV. This feature allows the customer to sit in the comfort of his or her living room and pay bills with the remote control. It also has games that can entertain the entire family, news and weather updates, updates on sports news and a place to shop, all without leaving the couch.

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With Dish Network Interactive Television Customer Support, subscribers can view statements, explore the FAQs, set up an automatic bill pay option with a credit card and pick out movie packages.

Interactive Television also offers subscribers the opportunity to catch with CNN news, weather updates and information from The Weather Channel, daily horoscopes, and stock information from their Bloomberg portfolios.

Dish Network also included the Games and Learning section, offering several games and game packages like the Hunting Trails, the Disney Channel Interactive package, the DishGAMES package, the Playin’ TV package, the PlayJam and the Trivia package. These packages can be subscribed to on a monthly basis and offer hours of entertainment for the entire family. Many of the games or packages update automatically, on a weekly basis.
For additional entertainment, Dish Network included the Entertainment section that offers access to Fandango, Showtime Interactive, The Karaoke Channel, Pay Per View information and rentals, and the TV Guide.

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Dish Network also offers additional viewing selections for their Sports section on the Interactive Television feature. With the TVG Horse Race Wagering section under the Sports section, subscribers can place bets, or go to the ESPN Interactive feature that gives the viewer the ability to span through sports channels, while giving immediate access to TV schedules, scores and news.

The Shopping section provides subscribers with access to HSN, with the tools for watching and making purchases. Dish Network also provided DishMOBILE, the feature that gives Dish Network subscribers mobile access to Dish Network features on the road. Subscribers can use this feature to download games, ring tones, pictures and other wireless entertainment.

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Dish Network is an award-winning company that offers incredible features the whole family can enjoy.

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