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Dish Network Bring You ‘Tetris TV’

tetris exercises your brain

Dish Network provides programming services for over 14 million people across the nation, offering over three hundred channels and other options for home entertainment, like the TV Everywhere service, DISH Remote and Interactive TV.

Interactive TV is a service that allows subscribers to play games, pay their monthly Dish Network bill, sign up for auto pay, shop or even check on their portfolios, all on the comfort of the couch, with the TV and the remote control. Game selections include additions from Disney, Nickelodeon and other participants, bringing families hunting games, word puzzles, traditional games like Scrabble, and games that test dexterity and skill. These games update automatically to give users more options for positive, challenging entertainment.

Dish Network recently announced the newest addition to their game selection. They are collaborating with Oberon Media and the Tetris Company to bring their subscribers the newest thing in Interactive TV- Tetris, the game that has been called “one of the most addictive and recognizable games in gaming history”. This service will be found on Dish Network Interactive TV, under Tetris TV.

tetris tv playing at a tv near you

Tetris TV will have two games. The first is the classic 40 line game that challenges players to get through as many lines as possible, in the shortest amount of time. The second game is called Marathon. Marathon has 15 levels for the subscriber to navigate through, each one more challenging than the last. Future releases of Tetris will also allow subscribers to play against one another, posting high scores on national boards found on Jive, the Oberon Media’s iTV community. Oberon Media is also offering prizes to the top scorers.

The Dish Network EVP of Direct, Commercial and Advertising Sales, Michael Kelly said, “Tetris is one of the most popular games in history, and we’re proud to provide Tetris TV to our customers. The addition of Tetris TV shows our commitment to maintaining worldwide leadership in interactive television and gaming.”

The exclusive rights for Tetris belong to Blue Planet Software. The CEO for Blue Planet Software, Henk Rogers, said, “Working with Oberon Media to release Tetris TV allows us to reach millions of our fans in yet another way. Interactive TV is an exciting venture for us, as we’re always hoping to give Tetris players a unique way to enjoy the game on their own and while interacting with each other. What’s better, a study published this year by BMC Research Notes showed how playing Tetris can create positive changes in our brains–so we’re happy to say that now, with the release of the Tetris TV service, TV could be good for you!”

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With Dish Network, subscribers get the newest options available for affordable, quality home entertainment. Dish Network has been the first in the industry to offer award-winning products and services that have helped set industry standards for almost 20 years. With the addition of Tetris, Dish Network brings yet another first to the table for subscribers to enjoy. With Dish Network prices and programming options, the entire family can benefit, enjoying favorite programming and games, all in the comfort and privacy of the family home.

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