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DISH Hopper 3 Is Amazing!

the hopper 3 is out of this world

DISH Hoppers have been around for a while now. They made quite a name for themselves on the ability to skip over ads, when the users are playing content recorded on the DVR. However, DISH Hopper 3 has catapulted the Hoppers to another level in the world of cable box/DVR. DISH Hopper 3 is a great addition to the Hopper family. It is like all the good things about the previous Hoppers in one place, plus some awesome upgrades. It is the probably the best offering from the house of DISH yet and it has created quite a stir.

Hopper 3 is every bit of the whole home DVR system, it claimed to be. There are so many great features rolled up in this one product, it is insane. This is truly new TV technologyLet’ have a look at the list of features and upgrades that are there on offer.

The first thing that the users will notice about the Hopper 3 is the intuitive interface of the service. The layout is really user friendly and is easy to navigate even through the multitude of options that the service offers. The predictive search is so powerful that the users can find for pretty much anything that they wish to watch. Whether they want to watch a Meryl Streep movie or an Academy winning production, they can find it easily and watch it.

hopper revolutionizes all DVRs year after year

hopper revolutionizes all DVRs year after year

Hopper 3 also has an increased focus on the 4K content from both Sony and Netflix. With Netflix being added to the universal DISH search, the users are for a treat. They will not only be able to search through their recordings and available rentals, but can also stream the Netflix shows and movies directly from the app. There will be large archives of on-demand content that the users will be able to tap into. With the surge in demand for 4K televisions, it is just the right time for Hopper 3 to hit the market.

DISH Network has pulled all stops with Hopper 3 for sure. It does not want the consumer to feel any distinction between on the content that is on network television and the content that is on demand. There is a lot of consolidation happening in the backend and the results will be there for the users to enjoy.

One of the most talked about feature of the Hopper 3 is its 16 tuners. The last Hopper had eight of them and Roamio from TiVo sport only six. 16 tuners essentially mean that the users can now record up to 16 of their favorite shows. This is amazing. So, basically there is no need to fight with family or friends over a recording slot. Moreover, these shows or movies can be stored for days on the DVR, which can also be transferred to a hard drive for later viewing. Not only this, one Hopper 3 can connect to up to 6 Joeys. This means that the users can connect as many as 7 televisions to this one cable box, which is incredible.

Then, there is the mind blowing 4-part screen that the users of Hopper 3 can enjoy. What this means is that the user can actually watch 4 screens at once. They can watch their favorite sport in one, keep a tab on the world news on another, play the weather channel in the third and keep a standup comedian entertaining them in the fourth, or some other combination may be, as they like. The users can choose which one screen they want to hear the audio output of. This is a really nice way to keep updated on all fronts and still watch your favorite show. This is also a pretty neat way to take full advantage of that crystal clear 4K resolution. The Hopper 3 will make the users glad of the investment they made in their television set.

hopper 2 go allows you to take television wherever you go

hopper 2 go allows you to take television wherever you go

The Home screen on the Hopper 3 has a lot of information for the users. It tells about what is trending live, user’s recordings, Netflix, video on demand, weather report and so many other menu options. There are also dedicated tabs for sports and movies, which is nice. However, if the user has a 1080p TV, it will not be possible for them to access the Sports Bar Mode. However, if that is not a problem, it will only be sensible to upgrade.

The latest offering from DISH is great on the inside too. It is backed by a powerful BCM7445 Broadcom ARM quad-core chip. This addition means that the Hopper 3 can process information 7 times quicker than the older Hoppers. This ensures that all the great features of the Hopper 3 can be enjoyed by the users at all times without a hitch. It is also the company’s first DVR offering that allows the users to store their recordings to an external storage unit.

The hardware backing the product is awesome too. The Hopper 3 comes with a new 52.0 remote. It has some different features than the older versions. Users can hear a click sound while pressing the buttons, which gives it kind of a seventies vibe. Hopper 3 also comes with a remote locator, like some of the previous versions. It is a compact remote and is armed with advanced voice recognition.

hopper 3 will revolutionize the way you watch television best DVR available

Hopper 3 will revolutionize the way you watch television best DVR available

Other than this, DISH Network Satellite TV is also offering its users an additional accessory called Hopper Go. This small unit can be connected to the Hopper and can store up to 100 hours of movies, shows, or anything they want from the television. This can then be carried along anywhere the user goes. This is not all. The HopperGo can also be used to create a private network, which can be further accessed by up to 5 different devices. This is huge. So, not only is Hopper 3 offering complete home entertainment options, it is also taking care of their entertainment need, while on the go.

Hopper 3 is a monster of a DVR system. It has created waves for a reason and it has certainly matched up to the hype. 

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