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Dancing with the Stars

emmy nominated dancing with the stars

It is the Semi-finals of Dancing with the Stars and everyone is delivering this week.

We start out with William and Cheryl who do a tango to Sweet Dreams. The judges were absolutely wooed, Len especially. Carrie Ann has mainly positive things to say but does give the pair a few points of criticism in which the audience is not thrilled and boos her.

Next up are Katherine and Mark who are both in pink and perform a rather fast Dirty Boogie. Katherine is dressed in a short flapper style dress and it looks incredible on her. The judges love the dirty start of the routine and Bruno thinks that it was absolutely perfect. Carrie Ann also has nothing bad to say.


Donald and Peta look just as elegant as ever in their all white to dance the waltz. All of the judges were taken away by their emotional performance and almost lost themselves. However, Peta seemed a little bit disappointed when Carrie Ann criticized some of their ill footing. Overall though the rest of the judges only had good words for Donald, the big cream puff!

Derek and Maria did a sensual Argentinian tango. Maria was absolutely flawless in her one sleeved black slit gown and the chemistry between the two was absolutely undeniable. The judges were left thoroughly excited by their performance and they appeared to have been almost perfect…as usual. Maria’s emotions didn’t get the best of their performance.

The couples are up for a second trial of dances where we get a sneak peek into their childhoods and what brought them to where they are now.

First once again are Cheryl and William. We learn that William came from a poor family and he is extremely grateful because it gave him the drive to work hard to be where he is now. While performing the samba Len says that he couldn’t take his eyes off of William’s butt.

Katherine and Mark come on next with a strange belly dance salsa combo. It is fast tempo and doesn’t exactly fit in with Katherine’s usual elegance and the beauty and grace that we saw in her video. At the end of the dance she had an awkward misstep as well that resulted in what looked like a hurt ankle.

She was immediately disappointed in herself and apologized profusely to Mark. The judges loved the dance and said that she looked like she had gotten lessons from Beyonce.


Donald was next and his childhood was everything but picturesque. At one point he had been homeless and he sold drugs for a long time before getting into sports. He and Peta do the samba to Mr. Big Stuff and are absolutely breathtaking.

Maria’s childhood also seemed hard but forced her to become a hard worker. Her and Derek’s dance was fun, perfect and sensual as usual. It was a non-traditional but splendid jive.
The final scores were: William and Cheryl-28 and 30, Donald and Peta-28 and 29, Katherine and Mark-29 and 27 and Maria and Derek- 30 and 29. Find out more about Dancing with the Stars!


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