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Comcast Bundled Savings

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There are 18 million customers that trust Comcast Cable to provide their home entertainment options every month. Comcast Cable offers value and a variety of programming options the entire family can enjoy, with prices the entire family can benefit from.

With Comcast Cable, subscribers have over two hundred and fifty channels to choose from with regular programming for children and adults, and familiar channels like Disney, ESPN, and MTV. These channels can offer hours of family fun, but Comcast Cable offers more with their DVR, On Demand and Pay Per View options. On Demand is a digital library that provides over 10,000 additional viewing selections besides the regular programming options. These selections can provide quality programming like network shows, children’s programming, movie previews and reviews and newly released movies. Comcast Cable also offers Pay Per View events like championship fights, boxing and wrestling matches, UFC fights and more. Pay Per View also delivers live music events, like concerts, from the biggest names in the industry. The selections on the On Demand and Pay Per View features can be watched with the DVR. This digital video recorder can pause, fast forward and rewind these selections, even if they are live events.

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Movie fans have premium quality movie channels to choose from like STARZ, HBO, Showtime and Cinemax, along with the selections from On Demand. Comcast Cable also has a variety of other movie channels to choose from to meet the movie need.

Besides these great features, Comcast Cable can also provide packages for specialized interests like sports or international programming. Their Sports packages come with channels like ESPNU, NBA TV, ESPN360, MLB Network and the NFL Network. These channels are available for 24/7 news, scores, updates and games.

Another great feature about Comcast Cable programming is the international programming they have to offer. These programming packages come with channels from all over the world, and offer this broadcasting in native languages like Filipino, Arabic, German, Italian, Greek, Russian, South Asian, Polish, Portuguese, Vietnamese, Korean, Japanese, French and Chinese.

No matter what the programming is, with Comcast Cable parents have a choice. Programming viewed on packages and programming stored on the DVR can be blocked to keep young, impressionable children away from violent content or adult themes. These Controls can be set in a short period of time, with little effort, and used to keep children from viewing materials showing violence, drug references or worse. Comcast Cable makes it possible for parents to get the programming they want, while keeping their children focused on what they need for fun and education.

Comcast Cable offers more than just cable TV programming with broadband internet and digital phone service. The broadband internet service delivers speeds that are over six times faster than DSL and over one hundred times faster than dial up. These speeds offer a faster, more reliable way to surf and download, saving times for more important activities. Comcast Cable also makes it safer with free online security software, helping protect subscribers and computers from identity theft, popups, viruses and spyware.

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Comcast Cable also offers quality digital phone services that allow unlimited calling anywhere in the United States or Canada for one low monthly price.

Comcast Cable offers quality entertainment at affordable prices the entire family can benefit from, with great internet and digital phone options, as well.

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