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Charter Communications Gets Better and Better!

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Have you looked at Charter Communications recently? Save money and still get the quality entertainment you want at home. Charter Cable TV lets everyone get involved and provides more than enough programming for everyone in the house.

Don’t feel left out when everyone is talking about what happened on that prime time drama last night. Don’t find out about it second hand, or get the ending spoiled before you even get to watch it. Charter TV provides a DVR or HD-DVR for a full night of exciting, hand-picked content.


Customize your nightly viewing and get exactly what you want to see, exactly when you want to see it. These devices can make things more enjoyable by providing complete control over recorded content, or programming available through On Demand and Events and Specials. That’s right. You can rewind, pause and fast forward through your shows, even if they are live events.

Get thousands of selections available through On Demand. This is a digital library at your fingertips, 24/7. Get everything you need with the press of a button through Charter Cable. On Demand offers new movie releases, recent episodes of the best that TV has to offer, and more, with sports, music videos and children’s programming.

Events and Specials has the ability to put you ringside, no matter where you are located. This live action feature makes sure you get the minute-by-minute on your fights, music concerts and comedy acts.

Charter Cable TV offers International programming, American programming and features that let you make a fully customized viewing lineup. You never have to go anywhere else for all of the live and pre-recorded action your family wants to see. You can get it all through one provider- Charter TV.


Charter Internet can also provide a great service for online viewing, gaming, shopping and networking. Keep your downtime hassle-free with a broadband service that offers competitive speeds and rates.

Charter Internet can put you in touch with friends all over the world wide web. Get WiFi that can support up to ten devices at one time, and surf from any room in your home. Take advantage of amenities like online Parental Controls and online security, for a safer, faster online environment anyone in the house can enjoy.

Charter Phone can offer a family complete and easy calling freedom. Make unlimited calls day or night and get a very affordable rate. Charter Phone offers digital voice mail and digital calling features that make it easy to handle a large or small call volume. So, the next time your teenagers want to talk for hours, or fall asleep with the phone still in their hand, smile! You can afford it.

Charter Phone even offers International calling rates that put you back in the driver seat when your monthly phone bill comes in.


Get Charter TV, Charter Internet and Charter Phone in one monthly bundle and save money while you enjoy the benefits of being a Charter customer. Bundled service packages offer discounted rates for three services and a convenient online bill pay option.

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