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What VR Means for Music Videos

Immersive is the one word that can sum up Virtual Reality (VR) pretty aptly. Gaming is one of the first industries that experimented with VR and the consumers fell head over heels in love with the technology. Some analysts hypothesize that VR will be a $30 billion industry by 2020. Also, it is predicted that there will be well over 100 million VR headsets in use by 2025, so everyone wants a piece of this quickly expanding pie. Considering the recent developments, it is not hard to predict that music will be the next industry to benefit greatly from VR.

The fact that VR is seen as the future of entertainment can be established from the news that major media companies like Universal Music Group and iHeartMedia are putting aside resources to explore opportunities in this field. Hip hop duo Run the Jewels have already experimented with VR technology in music videos, and other popular music icons will probably start utilizing the technology soon enough. The veterans see potential in VR and they are interested in bringing more such experiences to audiences. How is this development going to change your experience of watching music videos?


A new generation of cameras and software allow users to have an interactive and lifelike experience that trumps the conventional way of watching music videos. You will be able to watch not only the artist playing for you, but also catch a complete 360o view of the music video you are watching. You’ll feel like you are there with the artist and you have the freedom to move around as you like. Music itself is already pretty immersive. Just imagine the possibilities and pure joy you will feel by being inside the music video with the artist.

Imagine the possibilities. You are in a Rihanna video, and the next time she offers for you to come under her umbrella, you actually can. It is not just a video then; it is like an exciting journey with a companion right out of your bucket list. This is a world where you can see snow fall, see that tear-intense emotion on the face of your pop star, be a part of their entourage, and whatever you can imagine. Simply put, very soon, you will not be just watching a music video: you will be in it! Your favorite star is not just singing in front of you; you are in there with them living through the video. Apart from the sensations that the music itself can bring out in you, there will be the added intrigue of what will happen next. So, if your beloved music star is fighting in the video, then you can witness it firsthand and even pretend to fight with them if you wish. If they are yearning a loved one, you can sit beside them. You will be on the tallest building or in the darkest cave, if they decide to sing there. This is huge for all the music fans out there, and artists who choose to delve into the VR world will easily please their fans who use the technology.


Next time you watch your favorite artist on stage, you might actually be present on the stage, watch all the madness from there, take in the moment or enjoy the concert from the first row. Moreover, you never have to worry about missing a live concert anymore. With VR, you can live the moments again whenever you want, and of course, from the best of seats.

So, for music videos, VR can offer a whole body experience like nothing else can. The future of music looks really bright with VR. For the audience members, they will be able to understand the story in more depth and connect more with the artist than they would in a 2D video. The music video industry is all set for a revolution of sorts;  VR technology will make the whole experience of listening to music an ethereal one. It’s only a matter of time before more artists and labels embrace this change and start producing more content for VR.

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