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FuboTV Review – Live Soccer for Cord Cutters

FuboTV launched as a live streaming TV service in January 2015 primarily for soccer fans, offering viewers the chance to watch soccer matches and other live sports on 10 different channels for a low monthly price of $9.99 (with a chance to upgrade with “add-on” packages).

Image result for FuboTVAt the end of December 2016, though, the company announced that it had signed major partnership deals with Fox Networks, NBC Universal, A+E Networks, Crown Media Family Networks, Fuse Media, NBA TV and The Weather Channel. Starting in early 2017, fuboTV plans to offer 70+ premium sports and entertainment channels for an introductory, discounted price of $34.99 per month (which will increase later to $49.99 per month).

As a result, fuboTV viewers will be able to watch live sports events from all major U.S. professional and college sports, as well as international leagues and tournaments. For sports fans looking for a live streaming TV service, fuboTV has suddenly become a very attractive option, especially because the network also plans to bundle in some major entertainment channels as well.

With the huge boost in the number of channels that fuboTV will offer, the streaming TV service is transitioning from being a niche sports streaming service into being a major sports-centric live streaming TV service that can compete with the likes of DirecTV Now, Playstation Vue, Hulu Live and Sling TV.


Image result for FuboTVAs noted above, fuboTV now plans to offer 70+ channels. Full beta launch is coming in February 2017, although the current website for fuboTV still describes the $9.99 package for 10 channels.  So let’s take a closer look at the core 10 channels still being offered, and then consider the remaining channels.

Here are the 10 channels offered in 2016:

  • BeIN Sports
  • FuboTV Network
  • El Rey Network
  • Univision
  • Univision TDN (Televisa Deportes Network)
  • BeIN Sports En Vivo
  • Football Report TV
  • Revolt
  • UniMas
  • One World Sports

New sports channels coming in 2017

  • FOX
  • NBC
  • Regional sports networks from FOX Sports and NBC Sports
  • Big Ten Network (BTN)
  • FS1
  • FS2
  • FOX College Sports
  • FOX Soccer Plus
  • FOX Deportes
  • Golf Channel
  • NBA TV

New entertainment channels coming in 2017

  • A+E Networks (A&E, History, Lifetime)
  • Hallmark Channel
  • National Geographic
  • Fuse
  • FM
  • NBC Universal (Bravo, CNBC, E!, Oxygen, USA Network)
  • The Weather Channel

It remains to be seen how fuboTV will adjust the composition of its special “add-on” packages for viewers. Currently, fuboTV offers four major add-on packages:

  • Entertainment (4 channels, $2.99/month)
  • Lifestyle (6 channels, $2.99/month)
  • Portuguese (3 channels, $19.99/month)
  • Spanish (7 channels, $3.99/month)


What we know now is that fuboTV plans to price its new basic package at a special discounted rate of $34.99 per month, and eventually raise that to $49.99 per month. That puts this live streaming TV service almost directly in line with the pricing offered by DirecTV Now, which also started its promotional pricing at $35 per month. In contrast, current fuboTV pricing for 10 channels is $9.99 per month.


Ever since its launch in early 2015, fuboTV has attracted a diehard audience of soccer fans, who used the service to watch soccer matches from around the world, including the Premier League, the Brazilian League and MLS. There’s no other streaming service that can offer this type of live soccer programming. And, with the new content from the likes of Fox and NBC, it’s clear that fuboTV is trying to become the streaming service of choice for sports fans in the United States beyond just soccer, to include basketball, golf and other major sports.

Image result for FuboTVBut the advantages are more than just all the great new content. Just like the other streaming TV services, fuboTV is playing up all the differences with cable TV. For example, you can cancel online anytime without having to deal with the customer service department.

And, you can watch fuboTV anywhere on any device. The service is currently supported by iOS, Android, Apple TV, Android TV, Roku, Fire TV, and Chromecast. Once you’ve downloaded the fuboTV app, it’s possible to watch it on your TV, your tablet, your smartphone or your laptop computer. All you need is the Internet.

And, as part of its expansion, fuboTV plans to offer several more extras: programming look back (in which you can watch previously aired content), video on-demand, digital TV guide navigation and a cloud DVR service. As it stands now, users will be able to watch shows they’ve recorded on the cloud DVR within a period of 3 days of recording. So, for example, if you missed the NBA basketball game last night, you could record it and then watch it the next day for no extra charge.

Finally, fuboTV offers a very crisp 1080p HD quality live stream, so all of the matches and games look spectacular on your viewing device.


With any new service, there are always growing pains, and for fuboTV to make such a drastic change in its strategy could impact its core viewers. If you look at what fuboTV plans to offer (lots of American sports, plus entertainment) and compare it to what fuboTV has been offering for the past two years (lots of Spanish- and Portuguese-language soccer games), it’s clear that the service is going to have two very different types of audiences.

And it will have to be careful that it doesn’t alienate these diehard sports fans with a sudden burst in pricing and streaming content options. In short, will people who are paying $9.99 now still want to pay $34.99 in the future for content they may not want to watch?

If you’re a current subscriber, it’s time to ask a lot of questions about what will or won’t be included in the new programming lineup. For example, will the old Entertainment add-on package of 4 channels (Antena 3, TeleHit, Bandamax, Ritmoson) now be included in the core offering of 70+ channels? What happens to all the live soccer online content? And what happens if you want to watch ESPN, which doesn’t seem to be included in the list of new channels?


FuboTV has the potential to become the leading sports-centric live streaming service. For anyone thinking of signing up for a live streaming TV service, it will be almost impossible to beat fuboTV’s wide offering of both national and international sports programming.

The service just has to make sure that it clearly states what’s going to happen in 2017. It’s now been a month since the company announced the major programming change, for example, and the fuboTV website still doesn’t even have something like a “Coming Soon” announcement on its homepage. The service is currently offering a free 24-hour trial, so that might be one way to sample it to see if it’s right for you.

What to expect from Hulu + Yahoo

Netflix is currently the biggest streaming service in the market with around 83 million subscribers. That is an intimidating number and its competitors are gearing up to give Netflix a fight for its top slot: the recent partnership between Yahoo and Hulu is a step in this direction. It is clear that both Yahoo and Hulu have decided to take on Netflix together, as both of them have media behemoths backing them. While Verizon has acquired Yahoo’s core business for $4.83 billion, Hulu was started by media barons, and Time Warner has also bought a 10% stake in Hulu for $583 million recently. Now, in light of these recent events, what can a streaming service subscriber like you expect from this new team?

Yahoo and Hulu have recently floated their own free streaming service called Yahoo View. All the content that is currently available with the free Hulu subscription will now be available on Yahoo View. Yahoo View will predominantly focus on offering TV show episodes to its subscribers, but they will also be able to watch a variety of videos and content from Tumblr on this streaming service. In fact, Yahoo View is the only service at the moment that offers access to both movies as well as television shows available on Hulu.

This leads to the next obvious question – if all the content from Hulu is available on Yahoo Live, will that not make Hulu redundant? The simple answer is – Yes. And this is the reason why Hulu is pulling the plug on its free streaming service. Subscribers will soon be left with only the premium Hulu Plus services — they can either go for the $7.99 monthly plan with limited commercials or the no commercial plan of $11.99 per month. The management at Hulu thinks that the company has always tried to offer richer and more personalized content to their subscribers, and over the years, the free service has become very limited, which is not something Hulu believes in offering to its customers.


So, how will this move impact the current lot of subscribers? The ardent Hulu fans, who watch TV shows regularly on the free Hulu plan, may understandably not welcome this move for obvious reasons. But, for a casual viewer, this change of plans will not really make much of a difference. Hulu does not really offer a great variety with its free subscription. There are only a limited number of television shows like South Park, America’s Got Talent, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and a few more, available with the free version. The five latest episodes of these shows are what you can enjoy on Hulu now. These are also only available for a week after they are aired on live television. So, it’s quite apparent that taking the free Hulu service will not really have any big impact on most of the subscribers, because they weren’t enjoying any kind of exclusive programming anyway. The die-hard fans of the service should also not feel abandoned, because Yahoo View will be offering all the content that was previously available on Hulu for free as well.

Yahoo and Hulu are pushing to make Yahoo View a sort of ultimate destination for cord-cutters to come to get their TV fix. Apart from the free Hulu shows, it will also feature a lot of ad-supported popular television shows. Both the companies are trying to create a brand in the market and they want people to identify Yahoo View as the television of the internet.


It appears that Tumblr will help them get the word out. The social media platform boasts of 550 million users a month and over 280 million blogs, and it was acquired by Yahoo for a whopping $1.1 billion in 2013. Yahoo is definitely going to encourage people to share their favorite shows and other offerings on their blogs. Netflix, on the other hand, does not have such a huge social media tool in its arsenal.

So, as a cord-cutter, you should be happy that another streaming service is entering the market. The big investors behind the service will ensure that you get a lot of great content to watch, mostly for free. As for Hulu, it will now focus more on the 12 million paid subscribers that it has. You can expect it to put all of its energies on increasing that number by way of more original programming and a bigger content library. As a consumer, you will certainly be a winner.

Rovi, TiVo, and The Battle of TV Guides

2015 marked a milestone in a relatively less known war that has been plaguing the tech and entertainment industry. This is the patent war. This is a war between what are called as patent trolls and the average organizations. Patent trolls, as they are known, are some obscure companies that buy relatively unknown patents and start bullying organizations by threatening them with lawsuits for intellectual property infringements. Whether the patents they actually own do cover the products or services offered by the other organization is highly debatable. But, fearing lawsuits, most companies simply settle for a sum. Some companies are not intimidated, and they fight their battles in the court. In some cases, they win, while in others, they fail.

If this sounds all too familiar, that is because many analysts feel that, more often than not, Apple vs. Samsung lawsuits fall in this category. Whether Apple does possess a valid justification or is simply trying to weed out the competition the dirty way is something that is for the judiciary to decide. But industry experts agree that a desperate change is needed in how patents are issued and how patent licensing should work, so that companies with genuine cases are not strong-armed by the patent trolls.


If you are wondering what Rovi and TiVo have to do anything with all this, well, the answer is quite complicated. As you must know, Rovi provides TV programming guides. Roughly about 18 million American households use Rovi TV guides through various apps and devices. But, have you ever wondered what is so special about Rovi guides? Why doesn’t everyone else build their own TV guide? It’s not like Rovi is the only company which has a copyright on making TV guides, right? Well, the simple answer is that Rovi has about more than 1,500 issued and pending patents in the US alone. Because of its patents, it has intellectual property rights on many features and functions of TV guides in general. That’s why most other companies simply go with Rovi when they offer TV programming guides. Even the giants like Google, Facebook, Samsung, Sony, Apple, and Comcast simply prefer to sign licensing deals with Rovi rather than build their own TV guides and antagonize Rovi. However, not everybody is comfortable with this idea.

Some companies like Amazon, Netflix, Sharp, Hulu, Toshiba and others stood up against Rovi. Amazon took on Rovi head on in court, and won the case in 2014. Amazon had attracted the case from Rovi, just because it bought IMDB. The patents which Rovi claimed that Amazon’s IMDB was infringing, that they were just describing TV guides, but on the internet. With Rovi losing the case, these “but-on-the-internet” cases are slowly losing their steam. It was Netflix’s court battle against Rovi in 2015 that deserves special attention. The US District Judge Phyllis Hamilton invalidated 5 of the patents Rovi was holding, essentially making it impossible for the company to cause trouble toward other companies based on those patents. Hamilton noted that these patents were not given for new technology or revolutionary concept. Instead, those patents were awarded for generic ideas. Ideas such as combining two categories into one set of suggestions such as crime dramas, sci-fi fantasies, and so on. Hamilton noted that patents cannot be given away for abstract ideas.


With these two lawsuits, Rovi’s death grip on the TV guide industry has taken a serious hit. It may not be too farfetched to presume that Rovi might find its customers abandoning it and developing their own TV guides instead. Perhaps, it is this reason which has pushed it to acquire another player in the industry to ensure that it continues to maintain its market share in the industry and stays relevant. A few months ago Rovi announced that it is acquiring TiVo, a DVR and TV guide company, for $1.1 billion.

This deal gives Rovi all of the 10 million customers of TiVo. Also, as TiVo brand is more popular and customer-friendly, the company, post-merger, will take the name of TiVo. This deal is expected to give Rovi the foothold it wants in the industry. Also, the company will threaten new competitors with lawsuits, as it still has a lot of patents in its bag, which it can use. Even though it is impossible to guess how many of those lawsuits it will actually win in the future, if at all it is challenged. A lot of companies might simply choose to avoid the confrontation and sign a licensing deal with Rovi. Coupled with its newfound bump in the market share after it buys off TiVo, it is safe to say that Rovi will continue to be the leader in this industry.


TED for Smart TVs

Every year, TED hosts conferences across the world. Renowned academicians, politicians, businessmen, Novel laureates, and other people come and share their ideas, and offer a glimpse of revolutionary ideas that are changing the world in their own field. Some of these speakers bring knowledge that every person can make use of, while others share highly specialized and niche information. But, a common theme that runs across all of them is the fact that they are absolutely life-changing. What’s more, they are highly entertaining too. While the tickets to these conferences are very expensive, and difficult to get, TED does release many of its events online. So, if you want to enjoy TED talks on your smart TVs, TED apps are supported on so many platforms that chances are you already own one. So, check out here how you can use your existing hardware to enjoy TED talks on your smart TVs.

Android TV

TED for android tv

TED is available on Android. That pretty much makes the app compatible with a host of devices out there, including smartphones, tablets, and of course, smart TVs. If you smart TV runs on Android TV operating system, then all you need to do is go to Google Play, search for TED app, and download it. Once you access the TED app, you will be able to enjoy thousands of TED talks, even with subtitles, if you need them.

Xbox One

TED for xbox one

TED has been available on Xbox One platform for quite some time now. You can access the TED app on Xbox One and enjoy the talks on your smart TV. Moreover, if you have Kinect, then you can just wave your hand to enjoy TED talks. If that is not enough, Xbox One even provides you voice commands for this purpose. It really is a cool way to enjoy TED talks.


TED app netflix

Netflix has one of the world’s biggest libraries of TV shows, movies, documentaries, and other videos. Naturally, it also features TED talks in its content library. However, Netflix does not offer all the TED talks that are online. Instead, it features some select talks on only a handful of topics. The collection of TED talks is quite small.

Amazon Fire TV

TED amazon fire tv

Amazon Fire TV is a power-packed streaming device, and gives access to a huge variety of content, most of which is for entertainment. However, some of that content is educational, and TED talks belong in that category. TED released an app for Amazon Fire TV in January of 2015. You can download the app, and enjoy the talks by using the streaming service with your smart TV.

Samsung Smart TV

TED samsung smart tv

Samsung smart TVs do not feature Android TV OS. Instead, the latest ones run on Tizen OS. Samsung has been the biggest supporter of Tizen, and hence, is trying very hard to make the platform a substitute for Android. One of the fruits of its efforts is TED app. Yes, TED is also available on Tizen. You can download the app just like you download it from Android Play Store, and enjoy the talks.


TED roku

Roku is another impressive streaming device. It has a variety of channels, which you can browse and enjoy all kinds of video content. TED talks can be found on Roku under the Science and Tech category. However, the classification under this category does not mean that you can access only Science and Tech TED talks. You can browse and enjoy all videos that are available online.


TED youtube app

YouTube features a massive number of TED talks on the namesake channel. In addition to videos from TED, you can also comment and share your views on any specific video, although YouTube comment section can be a nasty place with comment wars being a norm. The being said, YouTube is accessible on pretty much any smart platform. So, if you have a smart TV that supports YouTube, or even a set-top-box that supports YouTube, you can enjoy TED walks without much fuss.

Bonus: For Non Smart TVs

TED for non smart tvs

If you do not have a smart TV that is compatible with any of the TED apps or platforms that support the app, there is one way you can still enjoy TED talks inexpensively. You will need a Google Chromecast for the purpose. You can plug in the Chromecast into your HD TV, and stream the TED videos from your smartphone or tablet, be it an Android or iOS device.

9 Best Smart TV apps for your Samsung TV

The way the TV entertainment industry is taking shape, it is difficult to predict what the future will hold. Just two decades ago, cable TV and satellite were pretty much the only options. Then came the streaming devices and apps that totally changed the entertainment industry. Now, much of the smart TVs are seeking to even make those streaming sticks obsolete. Whether one of them will win or coexist together is a discussion for another day. Today, let’s have a look at the top apps that you should have on your Samsung Smart TV to fully enjoy its potential.


samsung smart tv apps netflix

When it comes to streaming services, Netflix is the undisputed champion of the lot. Sure, a lot of services are slowly catching up to Netflix, but it is the top streaming service by a huge margin. Its content library is the biggest among its competition, and it allows you to enjoy pretty much any show of your liking, any time you want. Moreover, Netflix is heavily investing in homegrown original shows like House of Cards, Orange is the New Black, and so on which have tasted immense success. It goes without saying that Netflix will continue to be the unchallenged king in entertainment, at least in the near future.

Amazon Instant Video

samsung smart tv apps amazon instant video

Amazon Instant Video is following Netflix like a shadow. Like the leader, Amazon is also building up a huge content library. One great feature about Amazon Instant Video is that you can download your favorite shows, and watch them later offline as well, which is pretty rare. Also, it is striking deals with many content producers, broadcasters, and movie studios to bring a lot of content to your smart TV.


samsung smart tv apps hulu

Until recently, Hulu had been plagued by ads. Now, ads are the biggest reason for cord-cutters to become, well, cord-cutters. However, Hulu has now released another tier in its packages, which is completely ad-free, barring less than 10 select shows. The service is quite affordable, and offers excellent content. In fact, its TV show library is one of the best in the industry, although don’t expect to find many movies worth watching there.


samsung smart tv apps ted

While the above apps were mostly into entertainment, this one is not. If you have never heard of TED, it’s basically an organization that hosts conferences all over the world, and people discuss revolutionary ideas in their field – everything from global politics to the coolest inventions. The speakers at the events usually talk for only a few minutes but leave a lasting impact. It is a great source for learning new things.

HBO Now and HBO GO

samsung smart tv apps hbo go hbo now

If you love HBO’s programming, such as Game of Thrones, Last Week Tonight, and The Wire, then one of these two apps is a must. They are both from HBO, and there is only one difference between them. HBO Go can be accessed only by users who have a cable subscription to HBO channels. On the other hand, anyone can sign up for HBO Now.


samsung smart tv apps napster

Yes, Napster is still alive. No, it is no more the pirate king it used to be. It has taken a different form now. Currently, it is owned by Best Buy, and has been merged with Rhapsody. Napster has a good collection of music for your pleasure. It even offers the feature of downloading the content. Other than these, it has a lot of cool features worth noting. Check it out.


samsung smart tv apps youtube

YouTube has transformed immensely over the last few years. It is no longer the place you visited only when you wanted to watch funny cat videos. Professional teams work in studios to produce high quality content for the service, under various channels on YouTube. There is a lot of outstanding content worth your time. The free version has ads, as always, but the sheer amount of good content gives YouTube bonus points.


samsung smart tv apps spotify

Just like Napster, Spotify is another app that lets you play music in the background while you go about your routine at home. The difference is that Spotify has a bigger collection of music, and even comes with a free version. The free version has ads, and you can always go for the premium version to get rid of them.


samsung smart tv apps vudu

VUDU is a digital video rental service from Walmart. It does not offer a monthly subscription, and you have to pay per video basis. The rates vary, but are quite affordable. The good thing about VUDU is that it brings a lot of latest movies to the table. Its library of old and classic movies is quite impressive too.

Virtual Reality Might Change TV Shows as We Know It

Just think how many times you have had this experience. You are watching a TV show, and one of the characters is startled by some sound from the kitchen. She is trying to check the source of that sound. You know that it is a bad idea because it is that kind of a show, and it would be stupid for the character to check the source of sounds. But, the character still goes to the kitchen and is promptly butchered by a demon, devil, or a serial killer. You are left cursing at the character because you have seen this all too many times. But, you tried to tell her to not go there. If only you could have somehow jumped inside the television, and stop the character, it would have saved her, right? Well, guess what! You might be able to do that soon, thanks to virtual reality (VR). A lot is being said about VR and its potential to become the next big thing. Whether it will just become another fad like 3D that will never catch on, or something that will change every aspect of our television entertainment, is yet to be seen. Regardless, there is no denying that VR may probably have a lasting impact on the entertainment industry in many ways.

Did you know that there are already TV shows out there that you can experience in VR? Well, not completely. But, they allow you to experience their world in the most intimate way. At this year’s SXSW festival, HBO’s Game of Thrones allowed its fans to experience The Wall in VR. Imagine what it would be like to enjoy the whole show in VR in the future! You can participate in the battles, bloodbaths, and all the sickening, gut-wrenching, and equally exhilarating events on the show. That future may not be too far after all.

virtual reality glasses

A Seinfeld fan has managed to create a navigable version of Jerry’s apartment for Oculus Rift. You can hang out at Jerry’s and enjoy the magical feel of being ‘inside’ a TV show. Of course, Jerry, Elaine, Kramer, and George will not be waiting there to greet you at present. But, that may soon change. Yes, you could actually get inside the Seinfeld world and interact with the characters you want. As you probably guessed, the real cast will not be present there to interact with you. Instead, the showmakers have their voices, movements, and other information with them. They can just use them to give you a pretty authentic feel of the characters. Amazing, isn’t it? Being able to share a coffee with your favorite characters!

Oh, but it doesn’t stop there! You will be able to change what is happening in the TV show you are watching. Suppose you do not like a particular actor, and you believe that the character could have been better in the hands of another actor. No problem. You can replace that artist with your choice of actor. Yes, YOU will be able to do that. The new actor’s body, body language, voice, and behavior will be completely mapped digitally beforehand. So, you can choose between many such actors in the future, and see who you like the most for a particular role. Of course, there will be some ground rules. The presence of a character may even change the entire show’s plot, or even the genre for that matter. At this point, it is difficult to guess how this will pan out. But, according to the founding director of Stanford University’s Virtual Human Interaction Lab, Jeremy Bailenson, all of this is surely going to happen.

virtual reality gaming

As far as VR is concerned, TV shows are just the beginning. The next frontier will be the sports on live TV. At present, you can enjoy your favorite sports from different camera angles, although you don’t have any control over which camera angle you would like to watch the match from. But, soon, that might change big time. No, we are not just discussing you being able to enjoy the match by being in the stadium. How about enjoying it being ‘the player’!

Yes, discussions are underway in the sports industry for some time now, about using a series of tiny cameras, networked together to project to the fans, a player’s point of view as he plays a practice session. The plan has been scrapped at present, but considering the fact that sports is a multi-billion dollar industry, there is simply no chance that the technology will not be pursued sooner or later. Not least because fans would pay top dollar for an experience like this.

virtual reality television

These are just glimpses of what VR could do for the television in the future. The true extent of the change it will bring will be realized only after it has become mainstream. So, gear up. If the potential of VR is anything to go by, traditional TV might soon be dead for good.

Netflix vs. VIDGO: Who Will Prevail?

Netflix launched in 1997 with its DVD-by-mail service, and expanded to online streaming in 2007. The company has revolutionized the way people (particularly millennials) consume media and entertainment. At the click of a button or mouse, an entire catalog is at a user’s fingertips. However, Netflix has presented a problem — no one is watching live television anymore. What’s the solution, a happy medium?

netflix fundamentals of caring

VIDGO will launch sometime within the back half of 2016, and we are incredibly excited. VIDGO will offer everything your typical streaming service does, but it will also include streaming of live television networks. Yep, users will be able to browse on-demand, and if choosing gets too tough for them (as many Netflix users experience daily), they can simply switch on their favorite cable channel or watch a sporting event live. VIDGO aims to revolutionize streaming, and streaming live TV hasn’t been achieved before by services like Netflix. Sling TV and PlayStation Vue began to set the bar for streaming television, but VIDGO will add more than just local channels – cable channels too!

VIDGO vs. Netflix User Control

One of VIDGO’s huge selling points is the ability to build packages based on user’s wants and needs. VIDGO can essentially be described as an a la carte service – users don’t have to pay for hundreds of channels they won’t watch just for that one premium channel they can’t live without. Users can pick and choose the cable/local channels they wish to have access to. A larger selection of channels will make the price go up, obviously, but VIDGO’s service will still be cheaper than the cable competitors. Users scrolling through channels they have no interest in will be a thing of the past. In addition, they’ll still have access to the vast on-demand library of entertainment, similar to the Netflix platform.

Netflix offers three different packages, but no options to control what is included in these packages. Granted, Netflix doesn’t really need to include control over its packages, since everything is pretty cut and dry: “here are the movies and shows we can offer, do what you will with them.

vidgo television


VIGDO vs. Netflix Accessibility

VIDGO will allow users to stream on computers, phones, tablets, and game consoles. As of now, a television app has not been created for VIDGO, but the service hasn’t even been released yet. When the service takes off, only time will tell when a Smart TV or Roku app will be released for VIDGO. Additionally, since VIDGO’s live TV service will be streamed, rather than through a cord, there’s no more need to wait for a cable guy who’s three hours late.

Netflix does offer apps for television, in addition to the other device streaming options. However, it seems most people using Netflix stream via game consoles or computers anyway.

netflix smart tv

Netflix vs. VIDGO Pricing

The standard Netflix account begins at $10 per month, and includes HD, the entire catalog of TV and movies, and allows for 2 screens to watch at the same time.

VIDGO has not announced their pricing methods yet, but it is assumed that it will be a bargain to bundle streaming and cable together — definitely cheaper than a cable subscription.

vidgo stream tv

Top 6 Best TVs for Gaming in 2016

The next generation consoles, Xbox One and PS4, are impressive gadgets for playing games. They pushed the bar for what games could do, and how they look. Games are getting more and more realistic with each passing day. So much so that, an average TV doesn’t simply do justice to console gaming. The high definition, high frame rates, and real lifelike environment in games are all lost if there is not an equally capable TV to capture all of that. That’s why, here is a list of top TVs in 2016 that are best suited for gaming.


Vizio P Series 2016

Vizio P Series 2016

This is one of the most inexpensive 4K television you will find in the market right now. But, don’t let it fool you. The quality of the product is as extraordinary as it can be. The picture quality is great, although it isn’t OLED. That also means that it does not suffer from brightness issues that are typical of OLEDs. Thus, the TV really brightens up the entire living room in the dark. You will experience the magic of 4K in the most wallet-friendly way. However, you should know that neither Xbox One, nor PS4 are capable of rendering 4K video. Therefore, the television upscales the lower resolution picture quality to 4K, and this is one area in which the P Series suffers. Its upscaling is very low quality, and does not match that of its pricier competitors. That being said, it has a refresh rate of 120Hz, and a very low input lag of 17.7ms. Needless to say, despite all the shortcomings, it is a magnificent choice for gaming. You even get to enjoy high quality 4K content, when it becomes mainstream.


Samsung JU7500

Samsung JU7500

If you don’t mind shelving out slightly more money, then Samsung JU7500 is a great option as a gaming television. It features 4K UHD capability, which is great for TV viewing as well. But, the good thing about this television is that it upscales the video output from your console just perfectly, without any compromise in quality. In fact, you will hardly notice that the video is upscaled. Another factor that makes this well suited for gaming is its motion handling capabilities. Whether you are playing an RPG game, a sports based game, or something else, you will not notice any blur or input lag. At 21.1ms input lag, it is surely among the TVs with the lowest lag. The only problem is that the picture quality is compromised at viewing angles other than directly ahead of it.


Vizio D Series 4k 2016

VIZIO 4K LED TV Ultimate Gaming & Budget TV

The Vizio D Series 4k 2016 is one of those TVs that won’t win you with its looks. If sleek, sexy, and attractive TV is what you want, then you might want to skip this TV completely. On the other hand, if you want raw performance at mind-blowing price, then Vizio D Series 4k 2016 is here to rock your world. The television is fully equipped with 4K technology, and is boasts of a rock bottom price tag. At that price, it does come with its bunch of issues. For instance, the picture quality is good only from direct front angles; the TV does not play cable TV and DVDs very well, and there is loss of quality with them. However, when it comes to gaming, it transforms into a beast. It has a truly remarkable input lag of only 13.5ms, something that most TV manufacturers drool over. The upscaling to 4K is smooth, and satisfying.


Sony KDL-50W829

Destiny PS4 - Sony BRAVIA KDL50W829

If you think you would rather not invest in a 4K TV yet, then Sony KDL-50W829 will give you everything you ever wanted out of your television. With an input lag of just 19ms in game mode, this TV is ready to take your gaming experience to the next level. Its response rate is not anything to brag about, but is decent for its price. Then, there is the color rendition capability of this set, which is simply superb. The motion reproduction is quite good, and there is no compromise to your gaming experience.


LG 55EC930V

LG 55EC930V

This television allows you to class it up a notch or two. Firstly, the LG 55EC930V is a curved screen TV. Let that sink in. Now, coming to the second bit. It is an OLED TV, which is far superior to both LED and LCD TVs. You will have crystal clear, vivid pictures playing on the screen every time you switch it on. The color rendition, the contrast ratio, and refresh rate are all good enough to deliver a great gaming experience for you. The response time is 33ms which is not great, but not bad either. Then there is the resolution. LG 55EC930V is a 1080p screen, and at 55-inch size, you might notice some pixilation when you sit too close. But, the picture quality will make the game highly immersive. If that is not enough, then the curved design will make you feel that you are in the game.


Sony X810C

Sony XBR55X810C 55' 4k Ultra HD LED TV Review

What most people don’t realize is that when you are playing games, the audio experience is as important as the video quality. But, not many TVs are capable of producing excellent quality audio, even if they are capable of producing great pictures. Sony X810C delivers impeccably on all fronts. Firstly, the 4K television produces impressive picture quality that is not surprising for 4K TVs. It also upscales the video output from consoles fairly decently. The only downside to this is that the colors are degraded when the TV is viewed from side angles. That being said, an input lag of 35.7ms and response rate of 12.1 pretty cool too. The TV handles motion very well with no noticeable lags or blur.

The Best 5 Streaming TV Services In The USA

Streaming services have been successful in capturing a large market share from the all-powerful cable companies. This has created a whole new breed of viewers, who are appropriately called ‘cord cutters’. The streaming services are growing bigger and bolder and are excited to offer their customers a better selection and experience on their respective platforms. Here is a comparison of some of the best streaming services in the United States, so that you can make your own pick.


Netflix is one of the best Streaming services

Netflix & Chill has become an urban slang and that says a lot about the popularity of this service. Not only is Netflix one of the first services to offer streaming services to its clients, it is also one of the most loved across the world. One of the major reasons for its popularity is the excellent collection of content that is offered on it. The user interface of the service has dramatically improved over the years. There is an effective recommendation system in place as well, which makes it more engaging and easier to use. Then, there is the whole lot of original programming that includes hit shows like House of Cards, Orange is the New Black, and many others. However, when compared to other services, Netflix is a little pricier and its packages start at a monthly fee of $9. Though there is a good selection of content, there are not a lot of brand new shows or movies to watch.

Hulu Plus

Hulu promotions discount deal

This is another biggie in the streaming space in the US. If you are a TV junkie, this is a service for you. Hulu Plus has an excellent selection of latest television programming, along with some original content for its customers. This is the most inexpensive of all streaming services at only $8 per month. But, this streaming service is rigged with ads all over and it is not as easy as Netflix to navigate through its content collection either. Moreover, if you are a movie buff, this is not the service that you should go for. The complete collection of movies on Hulu Plus is, at best, OK.

Amazon Prime

Amazon prime stream video Jeremy Clarkson

As an Amazon product, this comes with the promise of quality content selection at a decent price of $99 per year. The content on Amazon Prime is new, regularly updated, and there is a lot of it. So, the subscriber gets a lot of options to choose from. There are good original shows on offer too. Owing to its Viacom deal, Amazon Prime offers a more comprehensive selection of comedy and kids’ programming, than other streaming services. The HBO favorites like The Wire and The Sopranos are also available on Amazon Prime.

Amazon Prime also includes many Amazon benefits like exclusive access to Kindle books, music, videos, and so on. There is also the free two-day delivery included in these benefits, which makes Amazon Prime a great deal for anyone who is an online shopaholic. One big letdown with Amazon Prime is that the monthly fee is quite high at $10.99.


SlingTv package

At $20 per month, Sling TV is more expensive than many other streaming services.Then, why would you buy it? Good question. Here is a good answer. Sling.TV is basically offering you a service just like your cable connection, which means you get to watch live TV that is being aired on cable networks. But, you will only pay for what you want. You will not pay for any equipment installation, nor do you need to sign any contracts or undergo a credit check. It is basically cable television without the cable and its hassles. This is a huge blessing for sports fans, who were feeling left out when they embraced the streaming action. Now, they too can cut the cord, as Sling.TV offers both ESPN and ESPN2. These channels were not available on any other streaming service previously. Of course, Sling.TV also has all the other popular networks and you can pick from the buffet, whatever you like.

PlayStation Vue

Playstation Vue Logo

With Vue, Sony has entered the highly competitive live TV space. PlayStation Vue is almost like cable, both in programming and in price as well. Sony is offering three packages under Vue, with the most basic package, Access, costing a meaty $50. If you want more channels and content, then you will have to shell out $60 for the Core package, and $70 for the Elite package. Though the service offers a huge selection to its subscribers, it is only available in a few regions, including New York, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Chicago, and San Francisco. Of course, Sony will slowly take the service to the national scene in time. 

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Why NVIDIA’s GeForce GTX 1080 is the one thing that you have been waiting all this long

Recently, NVIDIA made its biggest launch yet in the gaming world – its latest GPU, the GTX 1080. The officials claim that it is better than Titan X and would beat its performance by about 30%. The video card is available for $599 and the special founder’s edition is priced at $699. This is the golden time for PC gamers, who can now enjoy their games in the full glory of 4k resolution.
Once this beast of a GPU has been fitted on a computer, the games, and videos run super smooth, and look a lot better. The GTX 1080 has 7.2 billion transistors in a 314 square millimeter die. These features allow for a smaller and more densely packed GPU that runs cooler and is energy sufficient.

NVIDIA’s Hardware

This new model of GPU is both cost and energy efficient. It uses 180W of power, smaller than GP100, and is perfectly designed for gaming. It can clock nine teraflops, which is simply impressive to say the least. It also runs at 1,607 MHz and comes with 8GBs of Micron’s new GDDR5X RAM. The GTX 1080 uses the latest Pascal GP104 architecture, which is incredibly fast and light in terms of performance. It runs like a horse without overloading itself.

The founder edition of GTX 1080 features three DisplayPort connections and one each of HDM1 and DVI socket. People can now play many games at a single time. If there are no ambitions beyond 1080p, then going for this card right now is the best option. For high-end visuals, the high dynamic range (HDR) displays are a must. The Pascal has hardware support for 12-bit color, BT.2020 wide color gamut, SMPTE 2084, and HDMI 2.0b/12b for 4K HDR.


GTX 1080 comes with new features like 4K at the rate of 60Hz 10/12b HEVC decode, and DisplayPort 1.4 ready HDR metadata transport. Most of the televisions are not capable of utilizing the capabilities of this GPU. To fully appreciate the beauty and picture quality that this GPU can produce, one needs an HDR television, which provide much better television experience than even 4K.

NVIDIA’s Installation

The setup for GTX 1080 is not very different when compared to other video cards. You should have enough room to place it in the case. It snaps right into the PCI-E slot and is powered by a single 8-pin power connector. GTX 1080 has simultaneous multi-projection (SMP) and allows geometry setup work to be done in a single pass. SMP can support up to 16 pre-configured projections, which allow for sharing of up to two projection centers. This enables developers to render both projections at the same time, which is something naive in the market right now. This feature also renders different viewports at lower resolutions. GTX 1080 can be twice as fast as Titan X.


NVIDA’s latest technology is a powerhouse that not only keeps pace with the likes of GTX 980 and Titan X, but outmatches them in every aspect. In the tests conducted by 3DMark Online, which compared GTX 1080’s performance against other top of the range GPUs, the 1080 came out at the top in 92-95 percent of the cases. In fact, it could be outperformed only when two or more 980 and 980 Ti cards were used together in SLI mode. That’s right, it makes multiple Titans to beat this workhorse.

In many benchmark tests that have already been run on the GPU, it has registered a much better FPS rate in comparison to the likes of the present top GPUs such as GTX 980, Titan X, and R9. Even at a stupendously high resolution of 4K, the GPU delivered consistently higher FPS of above 40 FPS, with games like Witcher 3, Fallout 4, and Hitman.


Then there is the matter of virtual reality games. Most of the VR devices run games at 1200×1080 pixel resolution. Further, in case of VRs, the games need to be at least 90 FPS to run smoothly. All of this is like a walk in the park for a GPU like GTX 1080. Presently, all the games designed for Virtual Reality run at a low resolution by gaming standards, and at higher FPS. So, the advent of GTX 1080 may probably start a new era of gaming for VRs, and inspire the designers of the next-gen VRs to fully exploit the graphics capabilities of this GPU.

If that happens, the next gen VR games will support 4K resolution, and mark a new milestone in VR itself.


GTX 1080 comes with overclocking capability. GTX 1080 from the Maxwell generation have typically hit 20-25 percent overclocks with relative ease. At default settings, you can let GTX 1080 run for about 25-30 minutes, as it uses the new version of EVGA’s Precision X16 software. It attempts to tune clocks to your particular card and GPU. The Precision X16 OC Scanner works by limiting the maximum overclock to 200MHz. It applies a static +200MHz across all voltages, which sort of defeats the point of tuning each voltage step in the first place.

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