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Cable TV – To 3D And Beyond!

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With the recent fads in 3D hitting theaters again, everything seems to be reminiscent of the 1980’s when Horror movies reined supreme with this cutting edge technology. But over time, the fad died down, only to make a comeback like a monster from these films.

With the improvements to the system, gone are the day of paper red and blue glasses, instead clear glasses help blend the technology together. Now it is crisp and clean with images that literally pop out from the screen and into your face.

But now entertainment wants you to bring that technology home. With the recent invention of the 3D television you can have your favorite channels pop out in realistic definition in the hopes that it will increase subscriber viewer ship. In fact several of the recent PGA holes were broadcast in Pay per View in this new 3D technology.


At the moment the technology available is a strobe style headset that attempts the trick the brain with a flickering sense that it is seeing these images in three dimensions. While that technology has proven to be slightly flawed, JVC has begun design on polarized glasses that will take the same concept of the Big Screen glasses and bring them home to the home television. The clarity is said to be improved with the HDTV features remaining intact.

But don’t rush out and get the new televisions on the market just yet. Many stations are waiting to get the new cameras required to deliver this 3D programming because their recent investments in HD alone have been very expensive. It is anticipated most stations won’t begin to make the switch until late 2010 to mid 2011. Around this time frame Blu Ray has also announced they are attempting to release a player that can deliver 3D quality results to your picture screen as well.

Still some stations will likely never be broadcast in 3D insiders speculate, for instance CNN and FOX News would have no reason to display their newscasters in the 3D technology, rather you are more likely to see your favorite shows broadcast in this technology before anything else. Imagine having blood splatter at you during CSI, or feathers fall around from a pillow fight in Two and a Half Men. There are many different options of what might happen down the road.


The lack of programming may also make you cringe at the initial prices, as demand increases and heavier production begins on these models the price will begin to drop considerably. Right now having the biggest 3D television isn’t going to be impressing anyone since there is almost no programming to display on it, with the few exceptions of live events on cable and satellite.

In closing, there are certainly some great achievements being made in 3D and television will have the greatest benefit of all time. When the programming is available, and the technology is perfected this will deliver the most revolutionary advancement in broadcasting since color television.

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