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Cable TV Providers

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Cable TV providers can offer incredible deals that fit comfortably into the average monthly budget. They offer their services through digital cable connections that are more reliable and offer better quality than tradition cable service had. Cable TV subscribers now have more options for entertainment than ever before, with digital cable channels and digital broadband internet and digital phone service.

With digital cable, customers can get features like the DVR, or digital video recorder, that can record and store up to 90 hours of programming. This programming is available 24/7 to be viewed at the customer’s discretion. The DVR can be preset to record specific channels or programming in the subscriber‘s absence, or it can be set to record the programming that is currently being viewed.

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The DVR can also be used while watching Video on Demand and Pay Per View viewing selections, like network programming, newly released movies, live boxing and wrestling matches, and live music events. The DVR allows viewers to fast forward, pause and rewind viewing selections, even the live events. The DVR makes it possible to get instant replays, pause the program for a snack or fast forward through long commercials.

Cable TV providers offer hours of additional programming with their Video on Demand and Pay Per View selections. These selections can include up to 10,000 additional viewing choices, besides the regular programming choices that come with the programming package. Cable TV providers make it easy to get programming for everyone in the house with Parental Controls for regular programming and the programming stored on the DVR. These controls can be set up in a matter of minutes and used to block entire channels, or specific programs to keep the young, developing minds in the house away from mature content and themes.

Cable TV providers are also able to give their customers broadband Internet, which is 6 to 8 times faster than DSL, and over 100 times faster than dial up. Digital broadband is able to transfer larger files with less bandwidth, so that surfers can download large files like movies, games, music or videos at incredible speeds. This leaves more time to listen to music, play games, chat, surf the net, shop or bank online because broadband customers do not have the drop connections or long wait times to deal with. Broadband Internet customers are also receiving free Security Software to protect the user and computer from viruses, spyware, identity theft and popups. Some cable providers also give Parental Controls to their online users as well. These online Parental Controls can block undesirable content and entire websites, to protect the children in the house from inappropriate websites. With digital broadband Internet Service, families get a faster, safer online environment the entire family can enjoy.

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With digital cable, cable TV providers are also able to give their customers reliable phone service, with digital quality sound. These phone services offer unlimited local and long distance calling to anywhere in the United States in Canada, with some providers including Puerto Rico, any time day or night. Digital phone services through cable TV providers can also provide important calling features like call return, three way calling, call forwarding, call-waiting and more, for up to 12 features total, at no additional charge. These calling features are especially helpful for busy family’s that need to stay in touch. Cable TV providers can also offer voice mail, with some providers offering instant e-mail notification when a new voice mail is received. With this service, customers can check their voice mail from any location in the world that has Internet access.

Cable TV providers offer these quality services in bundled packages so that families can get the cable TV programming, reliable high-speed internet services and digital phone services they want at affordable prices. These bundles are convenient, offering three great services through one proven provider, for a low monthly rate. Now, cable TV subscribers can have these services, with the convenient option of online bill pays, paying for three services in one bill.

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