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Cable TV isn’t just Cable TV anymore!


Cable TV has always enjoyed a certain popularity due to its convenient home entertainment value. Due to new technologies and evolving hardware, Cable TV providers can offer better services to their customers than ever before.

As the range and use of the technology has expanded, so have the services that Cable TV providers can give.

Cable TV providers started out offering up to 80 channels, provided by buried cable. This could produce poor picture quality and outages. When coupled with a limited range of channels, many customers were not satisfied with their services.

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Now, through cutting edge platform technologies and better cable, customers can enjoy a broader selection of channels and more personalized services. More channels and services can cater to a wider range of viewers, offering more for the entire family.

Today, Cable TV providers can give their customers more than 250 channels, on average, with digital image and sound quality that surpasses anything traditional Cable TV could provide.

Time-shifting technologies have made it more convenient for families to get the shows they want to see, at a convenient point in their daily routines. Time-shifting technologies include the use of the DVR, a digital video recorder that can record and store hours of programming to be viewed later. DVRs typically record on multiple channels at one time, with the ability to play back recorded programming while recording more.

Some providers are even offering online access to their DVRs, allowing viewers to program their DVRs, or to watch recorded programming remotely.

All of these services come with the protection that Parental Controls can offer. This means that the content stored to the DVR and the viewable content on the channel package can be blocked to keep children away from violent or adult scenes.

Cable TV providers also incorporate the use of On Demand programming. This feature makes a wide array of programming available for all age groups. This programming typically comes through a popular networks, music channels, On Demand channel premiums and popular children’s shows.


On Demand also offers new movie releases that are available 24/7. These new movie releases can be rented for two to three days at a time and watched repeatedly, all without leaving the home to rent the movie or turn it back in.

These channels and viewing selections come in standard and high definition programming. Many Cable TV providers offer large numbers of HD channels absolutely free. Some Cable TV providers are also looking into 3D programming.

Another area of expansion for Cable TV is the large online programming selection that providers now offer. With the ability to provide wireless internet, Cable TV providers can give their customers hours of fresh online content to view, on a traditional desktop, or a portable device. This service can be accessed anywhere the viewer has internet, to be viewed on a daily commute, while at a public WiFi access or on lunch at work.
With current technologies, some providers even offer cross-platform services that allow viewers to find what they want to watch online and transfer it to their TV sets.

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All of these services make programming more accessible at convenient times for the family. This means that customers get the full benefit of the programming packages they are paying for, without the hassle of VHS tapes, programming VCRs and finding storage. Everything the customer needs is conveniently found on one remote control.


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