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People want quality home entertainment options that are affordable. Cable TV providers can deliver quality and fun for the entire family, with great features that add to any programming package. Cable TV providers can offer their services at low, family-friendly prices they can fit into most monthly entertainment budgets. Their services can even help save families money by providing everything a family needs in the home, at the press of a button, instead of having to stand in long lines at the movie store.

Cable TV providers offer over 250 channels in a selection of programming packages. These packages contain great features like a DVR and On Demand and Pay per View selections. On Demand has over 10,000 additional viewing selections to choose from, including sports programs, music videos, premier events, children’s shows and newly released movies. These programming selections are available 24/7, to be watched at the convenience of the family. Newly released movies can be ordered and stored for up to 24 hours after ordering them, to give the family an opportunity to watch them over again. Pay Per View selections include live music concerts, comedy events and live sporting events. Families can sit in the comfort and privacy of their own homes and watch their favorite athletes, comedians, celebrities and musicians, all at a fraction of the price that going to the event or movie would it cost them.

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The DVR allows customers to watch the On Demand and Pay Per View selections with the benefits of the pause, rewind and fast forward functions. The DVR even works for live events, allowing customers to make their own instant replays, pause programming for a snack or fast forward through boring commercials. The DVR is also of great benefit to family’s that want to watch the programming the airs when they’re not home. Families can set the DVR to record specific channels or programs so they are there when the family has time to watch them. DVR is can record up to 60 hours of programming.

Cable TV providers also provide Parental Controls for their regular channels, the DVR and their high-speed online services. These Parental Controls can be used to block specific channels, programming and websites. They also work for the programming stored on the DVR to help concerned parents keep their children away from inappropriate viewing material.

Cable TV providers can also deliver high-speed broadband Internet Services that stay connected. Broadband is always “on”, allowing families to stay connected 24/7. Broadband Internet can deliver more data through downloads than traditional dial up or DSL. Cable TV customers also have the added convenience of free online Security Software they keeps their computer in family protected against malicious viruses, identity theft, spyware and other potential threats they can be found online. This software can say the family time and money by keeping the computer in good working order.

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Cable TV providers also deliver quality digital phone services that allow unlimited local and long distance calling to anywhere in the United States in Canada, with some companies offering extended calling areas to Puerto Rico and other places. These services include up to 12 calling features that help busy families stay connected. These features include call waiting, call forwarding, three way calling and more. Some cable TV providers are also offering voice mail that can be checked online, through e-mail. Customers can check their voice mail from any location in the world, with Internet access, saving families money on their long distance and international calling plans.

Cable TV providers strive to offer their customers as many conveniences as possible. This includes bundled services that provide customers with cable TV programming, high-speed broadband Internet and digital phone services, all in one monthly package, on one low monthly bill.

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